Lily Eavesdrops, Adam Confronts Victor with His Suspicions & Victor Orders Michael to Bring Victoria Back Immediately

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally settles into her new office, Nikki turns to Billy for help, and Billy reassures Lily that he is with her for the long haul. In the previous episode, Phyllis eavesdropped on Jack and Diane and Lauren gave Summer surprising advice.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for June 21, 2022 episode airs in the USA June 22. Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.)

sally happy new office young and restless

Sally heads into her new office, smiling to herself and holding her name plate against her chest.

victor taunts his son young and the restless

Victor drops by the CEO office as Adam is settling in. He starts needling his son about putting his own touches on the place. Adam suspects his days in there will be numbered.

They both know he didn’t put him in this position because of his abilities. It has everything to do with Victoria. Putting him in that chair is a message to her, a slap in her face to bring her back to reality.

His father says they can’t predict her reaction. Adam doesn’t care about why he’s CEO. He’s determined to play the part better than he ever imagined. “I should be in charge of this company,” he claims.

Adam has plans to dazzle him so he will keep him in his new position, even if Victoria does return. Victor reminds him that he was CEO once before and didn’t do a good job.

adam happy dismantle victoria work young and restless

Adam admits he was arrogant and alienated people trying to help him. In retrospect, he’s disgusted by some of the things he did. But he’s different now and is the one who should lead the company and preserve Victor’s legacy.

Michael interrupts the middle of Adam’s passionate plan for proving himself. His father leaves with the lawyer, warning Adam not to screw up.

sally is dressed for success young and restless

Adam heads down the hall to admire Sally behind her new desk. He likes her outfit too. She’s been studying photos of CEOs to see how to display her power. She loves it when he calls her CEO.

Adam pretends to be a reporter asking her how she will stay on top. She goes on about building community for customers and everything they will provide. She also needs to find someone to fill her shoes as COO.

He hopes she’s as lucky with someone in that role as he was. Adam tells her about his conversation with his father. She wonders if he has a plan for how to prove why he deserves the job.

sally and adam sex in her office young and restless

He’s going to miss working with her and being stuck with Nikki. She starts undressing him and says they will always be a team. He says they better not let a moment go to waste. They make out.

michael hates ashland young restless

Michael and Victor go to Society. He orders the lawyer to find Locke and Victoria. Baldwin hates Ashland almost as much as he does, but he wonders if it’s time for Victor to let go of his daughter and let her do her own thing.

Victor can’t wrap his head around what his daughter is doing. He doesn’t want any armchair psychology from Michael about it either. The mustache wants him to help them get even with Locke.

Victoria clearly can’t make up her mind and Victor is sure she will come back to her family. He’s not waiting for her to do this on her own time. He wants it done now.

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nick looks good talking victoria young and restless

Nick meets with his mother at Crimson Lights. They worry about Victoria. She thinks Victoria is really cutting them out. He reminds her the kids will still be connected to them… and Billy. So he will know where she and Ashland wind up.

He assumes Billy is not happy about all this. Nikki says her daughter is one of the most intelligent people she knows but she doesn’t recognize her anymore.

They can only hope she will see how manipulative Locke is and her heart will be broken for good. Nick worries that could push her away from seeking help. Victor choosing to use Adam to replace her could drive her further away.

nikki alternative plan YR

Nick tells her that he tried to see his sister off on a positive note. He assured her he still has her back. She could tell he was sincere. His mother has a plan.

lily closer eavesdrops on billy

In Chancellor Park, Billy calls Victoria and leaves a message telling her he’s sorry for how they left things. He doesn’t want her to think ill of the situation or him. Lily arrives and listens.

Maybe it’s selfish, but he doesn’t want to stop her from living her life on her terms. They have time to figure this out since the kids are still in boarding school. He wants her to be happy but they should meet and talk this over.

When he gets off the line, Lily makes her presence known. He assures her he is totally committed to her and has reigned in his concerns about his ex. Hugging him, she thanks him for listening to her.

They chat about the launch and Jill. When they sit down, he tells her that his mom listens to his podcast and likes it. He thinks over the conundrums of success and then recalls how his mother reminded of his tendency to self-sabotage.

lily and billy talk jill YR

Billy assures her that he is not sabotaging himself. There’s something but he’s not sure what it is. The work he’s doing on the podcast is very personal for him. It’s exciting and fragile.

She’s happy he’s passionate about his journey but it’s separate from her and the map they’ve drawn up. She worries he’s pulling away from her and Chancellor-Winters. He tells her he’s with her for the long haul and is excited to see her running the company.

Billy says this is all a chance for them to discover new things about themselves and their relationship.

Chelsea interrupts and congratulates them on the merger. Billy reassures Lily again and she heads back to work. Chelsea tells Billy how happy she is that he makes such a good couple with Lily.

chelsea out of brown park young restless

She claims her life is good. He’s got some doubts. Sitting down, she tells him how Rey could see the good in her, the man she once poisoned. They became really close even though he had every reason to hate her.

Billy didn’t expect that and he’s sorry to hear how hard his death hit. They chat about work and she admits Chloe has been acting like a babysitter. He gets a text and has to take off. She suggests they get their kids together soon. “We’ll see,” he says.

nick talks about sharon and victoria young restless

Chelsea sits alone and listens to the ducks until Nick wanders by. She invites him to sit down. They do small talk. He tells her Sharon is doing better than expected. She wonders what’s wrong then.

chelsea shocked ashland liar young restless

He admits there are problems with his sister and fills her in on Locke’s fake illness. She’s sorry to hear about that and surprised that Victoria is still with him. He’s been thinking about Locke’s head through a wall but doesn’t see how it would help.

nikki worried sick young restless

Billy goes to Crimson Lights to meet with Nikki. She tells him that Victoria hasn’t been returning any calls. Nikki pleads with him to tell her whatever he knows. He’s waiting to learn where she is just like everyone else.

billy talks nikki about vicky trip young restless

He admits he’s not happy about this situation at all. He fought with Victoria about their custody agreement and regrets it now. He’s stepping back and is going to let this go.

lily meets another billy man pain podcast fan young restless

Lily goes to her office and chats with her secretary. She tells Lily how much she likes Billy’s podcast. Lily thinks PR should make the most of him and then sends her off.