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Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Monday, November 15, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, November 16. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Abby dropped Gaines made a big reveal. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless,  Billy and Lily have a hard time wrapping their brains around Gaines’ lies, while Adam and Sally get to know each other even better, and Nikki and Victor discuss Abby’s decision to leave Dominic with Devon.

Rey and Sharon sit at Society, at a table directly behind Adam and Sally’s. Rey can’t help but stare at them. Sharon’s not concerned but Rey asks if she wants to go somewhere else. She’s glad Adam’s getting out, even if it’s with Sally. She no longer cares about the woman’s motivation. She asks Rey if he wants to go. He smiles.

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They talk about Lola working in Florida and how much she’s enjoying that, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Sharon teases that she thinks it’s easier for her to date without her protective big brother there. They hear Sally laughing and Rey wonders why Adam seems to be having so much fun after that whole Locke story came out. He wonders what that’s about. Sharon doesn’t want to spend time psychoanalyzing him. She wants empanadas. Nearby, Adam and Sally finally notice Sharon and Rey. Sally asks how he feels about Sharon being there. He doesn’t want to talk about that. She sighs that he’s always shutting her down. He claims he’s an open book so he says to ask away. She tries to ask a few questions and he refuses to answer. She calls him an open book with his pages torn out. He gets a text and smiles. She asks for a hint about why he’s smiling. He tells her someone’s going to meet him. He won’t say who. Sally notes there isn’t much they can discuss.  The weather? They try that and then sports. He doesn’t want to. She asks about his favorite foods at Thanksgiving. He can make a mean pumpkin pie, he admits. He explains he wrote the recipe for his mama Hope, as a 9-year-old. He still has it. She asks why she didn’t write it herself. “She was blind,” Adam confesses. He tells her Thanksgiving on the farm was special.

At ChanceComm, Gaines tells Lily and Billy that he fabricated the story about Locke entirely. Billy asks about Camila’s letter. Gaines calls it a fake. A guy he knows in Atlantic City faked it. “I guess I got my money’s worth.” Lily says the whole story looks like a lie and Ashland’s lawyers will bury them when they can’t back it up. Billy thinks Adam and Victor are paying him to lie. He thinks Ashland had a hand in it. He believes Ashland really did forge the letter and has been paying Gaines off this whole time to cover it up. Gaines thinks he’ll have a hard time proving that. He tells Billy to have the ink and paper tested on the letter.

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“There’s no way it’s 30 years old.” Lily gasps. There’s something not right here. Billy suggests Adam and Victor let him out of the wine cellar after he agreed to go along with this scheme. They put this whole thing in motion. Gaines’ silence speaks volumes to them. Billy calls Adam and leaves a message to call him back. Gaines says he’s not going to do that. They have lawyers to do that for them. Billy thinks he’s working for the Newmans. Gaines says, “I can neither confirm nor deny.” He’s going far, far away. As far as their deal, Billy doesn’t owe him anything. Billy snorts at that. Lily asks why he came. To rub this in their faces? He shrugs. “Maybe.” Billy reminds Jesse that the Newmans still have power over him. Jesse says the money will ease the pain. “Good luck,” he says, clasping Billy on the shoulder. “You’re gonna need it.” He goes and Lily tells her man that he was basically Victor and Adam’s accomplice. “You couldn’t help yourself. You had to take the bait.” Billy defends himself. He was trying to protect themselves. Lily reminds him he had to much pride to ask his ex for help and Billy reminds her she told him to do whatever it takes. That makes her responsible, too. They argue back and forth. Lily asks what they do now. Billy thinks they need to stand by everything in that article.

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Victor arrives home to the ranch and tells Nikki that Abby’s unwell. They agree grief can cause all sorts of terrible things, especially when it happens so fast. Victor’s concerned with her after what she did this evening. He details how she is letting Devon look after the baby. Nikki’s rocked. Victor reminds her that Abby can do what she wants. She’s the mother. Nikki calls that reasonable of him. She hopes the arrangement doesn’t last long. Nikki’s sure that soon, she’ll want him back. They agree it’s good she recognized she couldn’t care for him. Victor tells his wife that he and Ashley are legal guardians. He could have stopped her and gotten custody but he wants to honor her wishes. Still, Victor wants the kid to spend a few weeks at the ranch. Nikki agrees to it but she knows Devon has a bond with the kid. If that gives Abby peace, it’s most important. She understands why Abby chose Devon.

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Back at Society, Adam excuses himself to talk to Gaines. Gaines tells him all about what happened with Lily and Billy. “He knows he’s beat.” Adam says that’s good but Gaines isn’t done. “Don’t remind me,” he says. Adam tells him to execute the next part of the plan and he’s free. Nearby, Rey sees Gaines and looks shocked. He tells Sharon who he is and thinks whatever is going down between them is not good. He flashes to meeting with Billy about Gaines and doesn’t think it makes sense that Adam’s meeting him. He thought Billy was using Gaines to blackmail Victor and Adam but maybe Adam made his own bargain with Gaines. “I don’t know why this matters,” Sharon says. She asks him to put his detective badge away for the night. Meanwhile, Adam tells Gaines to put on the performance of his life. The camera crew is waiting at the office. Gaines dumps back some booze. Back at their table, Sharon tries again to get Rey’s eyes off of Gaines and Adam. She asks to enjoy their evening. Rey apologizes. He charms her by talking about her beauty and devotion to her. That’s all she’s asking for. They flirt and then watch Jesse leave. Adam heads back to his seat and Sally says, “You expect me not to ask questions?” He tells her she can ask but he likely won’t answer. She’s more curious and concerned. He asks why she wants to know.

gaines and adam scheme young restless

She’s protective of the company and her job and asks him to be careful. He’ll do his best. He’s not used to loyalty from employees. She admits she’d hate to find a new job. He appreciates the candor. He asks him to do more than appreciate her. She can be a valuable asset. “I can help.” He smiles. He’s grateful she’s in his corner. He’d love to see her in action, especially after her coup with Victoria but he needs her focus on the fashion platform. There’s nothing more to be done with their move against ChanceComm. Soon, they won’t need to worry about Billy or his company again. Sally smiles. Adam texts Victor that things are on the move. He says to watch Newman Media news site. Gaines is on the streaming site.

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He wants to recant everything attributed to him in the ChanceComm article regarding Ashland Locke and says the letter quoted in the article was a fake. He tells the camera he had the letter forged from Camila Rhodes. They were his words, not the words of Mrs. Rhodes. He’s held a grudge against Locke, he admits and made up the allegations and told them to Billy and Lily at ChanceComm. He calls Ashland a victim in this matter. “Because those lies should never have been published.” He regrets what he did but thinks ChanceComm should have done due diligence. They did none and believe they had ulterior motives. Nikki reappears after watching the stream. Victor says Ashland knew about this from the start. They won’t be hurt by it. They had to do it because Billy Boy Abbott was going to spill it. It would have been bad for everyone and he and Adam stepped in to get rid of the problem. Nikki’s upset because Gaines is lying. The original story is true. Victor says Billy would have used it against them. Nikki thinks her husband underestimates Billy, who is a lot like him. Victor barks out a laugh. Nikki says he’ll go on the attack since he likely feels cornered. The situation is far from over.

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Back at Society, Sally goes home and Adam drops by Rey’s table. He wants to discuss his meeting with Gaines but Sharon just wants to have a nice dinner. Adam reveals to Rey that they’re trying to crush the competition and Billy tried to blackmail them with the Locke article. “Now that can’t be legal, can it?” He asks.

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Back at ChanceComm, Lily thinks they need to be honest, that they were hacked. Billy nods. It’s a prudent move. He gets something on his phone and shows her. He tells her it may be too late for that. They watch Gaines recant his quotes from the Locke article. They sit and reel. Lily had a bad feeling about this whole thing. Billy wishes he would have listened. At least there’s nothing more they can throw at them. Lily thinks there’s more to come.

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