Ashland Reveals Past Filled With Abuse and Violence — & Abby Shocks Mariah and Devon With a Request

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Monday, September 13, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, September 14. In the previous episode, Ashland began to confess. In this episode, Ashland reveals all to Victoria, and Abby shocks Devon and Mariah with a request.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy admits to Jack that his investigative journalists have made it clear to him that Victoria’s making a mistake by marrying Ashland. Jack’s shocked that Ash’s past is shrouded in secrecy. Victoria has fallen for someone every bit as mysterious as her father. Billy thinks it’s trouble and Victoria wants him to back off. Jack thinks he should. They argue and Jack wonders if finding dirt on Locke is worth it.

At Newman Media, Victor tells Nick about their findings, that Ash has scrubbed his past. Vic assumes he’s hiding something. Nick’s not sure this is morally right for him to dig around. Vic argues that he needs to protect his family and daughter.

victor tells sally off young restless

At home, Ashland says he should have shared this with Victoria sooner. He hoped she’d never need to know. She asks him to tell her everything. “Please, don’t hold back.” Ashland confesses that the trail of information to his past was covered up so nobody would know the truth about where he really came from. This isn’t something he has ever discussed. Ash admits he lied that he had an ordinary suburban childhood. Happy. But it was far from the truth. They weren’t happy and didn’t live in the suburbs. “My father was abusive and violent and my mother turned a blind eye to it. We existed below the poverty line and when we did get money, it went to alcohol before everything including food.” He left home at sixteen and never looked back. He says he took odd jobs up and down the Jersey coast and didn’t attract attention. “I did what I had to do.” She can’t imagine enduring that childhood and then taking care of himself. He made sure his parents couldn’t find him. “My worst nightmare was my father finding me and dragging me home.” He changed his name and admits that’s when Ashland Locke was born. He talks about landing in the TV station and how it fascinated him. He met Camilla Rhodes. He goes to stand up and has to sit back down. His breath comes in faster and Victoria tends to him. Later, he tells her he gets anxious talking about his past. She gets why he kept it a secret and admires him more than ever. “I feel closer to you now than I did before.”

ash reveal all young restless

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Abby sets the baby monitor down in the Chancellor living room and opens the door to Devon. They gather with Tessa and Mariah and Abby explains she wanted to wait until Chance came home, but since she doesn’t know when that’ll be, she’s forging on with her life. She wants to baptize Dominic and asks for Mariah and Devon to be the godparents. Tessa glances at Mariah while Devon and Mariah accept. Abby doesn’t want them to feel pressured. Mariah asks what the responsibility is. Abby says it’s a promise to guide the baby throughout his life. They’re in. Abby’s thrilled and asks for help choosing a nanny. Mariah’s shocked. “You’re gonna hire a nanny to take care of the baby? You mean not one of us?” Abby wants to find someone they all love. Mariah offers to pitch in but Abby says that she and Tessa will probably be moving out at some point and she wants the kid on a schedule. She assumes Mariah wants to get back to work. Mariah wouldn’t mind taking time off but Abby stresses that this is the best decision for everyone. She promises they will have a say in the choice of nanny. Later, the women are gone and Abby thought Mariah would be more excited. “Do you think she’s okay?” He’s not sure. Abby knows she still has fears. She thought this would cheer her up. “I want things to be perfect.” She asks how to fix it. Devon says not everything will be perfect. He asks her to focus on the positive. She’s trying. She wants things better for her best friend. He tells her to give Mariah time.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick asks Jack if he thinks he and Phyllis seem like a good fit. Jack’s caught off guard and isn’t sure what to say since they have their own history. Nick reveals they’re in a good place. “Maybe it could be going too smoothly?” Jack wonders how that could be back. Nick wonders if they’re headed for another massive train wreck. Jack asks if he loves her. He does. He worries it’s too good to be true. Jack says everyone deserves happiness no matter where it comes from. Nick agrees that they deserve happiness. Nikki texts and Nick thanks Jack for advice and goes.

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Billy runs into Nikki at Society. He’s surprised she has time to eat with everything she juggles. He calls her superwoman and she shrugs. “I’m just a woman.” He asks how the wedding planning is going. She knows he’s looking for a reason to blow the wedding out of the water. Billy reminds her how the media works. She doesn’t like it. If he hurts her daughter, she’ll regret it. He says the threat is noted but he’s on Victoria’s side. He asks if she’s not worried that there’s no documentation on the first twenty years of his life and it’s obvious by her expression that Nikki didn’t know.

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At the park, Tessa thinks it was nice of Abby to ask Mariah to be the godmother. Mariah calls it a consolation prize and doesn’t like that she’s hiring a professional nanny. Every minute the nanny spends time with Dom takes away from how much she’ll get to see him. Tessa understands but she’ll see him all the time. Mariah thinks she was just being thrown a bone and is angry that Tessa called her a mess and that she’s getting worse by the minute. Tessa’s face falls. That’s not what she said but she apologizes for confiding with Abby. She only wants to help. “Because I need so much help?” Mariah only told her those things because she loves her. She feels betrayed and worries about what Abby thinks of her.

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Nikki arrives at Victoria’s and tells her kid that Ashland’s past is more than it appears. Victoria’s angry. Nothing that is dug up about his past will change anything. She loves him. Ashland appears and tells them this has been blown out of proportion. They need to put these suspicions to rest once and for all. They’ll do it at the ranch. Nikki calls Victoria to fill him in on Ash telling them all the truth. Billy gets a text to meet and learn about Ashland’s past and he takes off.

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Jack sits at home alone and flashes back to being with Phyllis and telling her he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. “I watched you circulate and saw your fire and passion.” His heart was screaming out to him, “That’s her. You found her.” His eyes teared up and Phyllis’ mouth dropped open. He told her he wanted to take on obstacles together and implored her not to walk away. It was then that he proposed and she said a breathy, “Yes.” He slipped the ring on at her behest and they kissed, passionately. Jack comes out of his flashback and looks deep in thought.

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At the ranch, Billy, Victoria, and Ashland, Nick, Billy, and Victor gather. Ashland builds it up and Billy can tell that he has a secret they don’t know. He and Victoria go on and on and finally, Victor says to get to the point. Ashland builds it up some more. “I am about to tell you who the man Victoria fell in love with really is.”

ash tells family truth young restless

Mariah and Tessa return home to find Abby having issues feeding the baby. Dom won’t take the bottle so Mariah offers to try. Abby lets her and the baby just cries and cries. Devon takes a shot and the baby goes silent. Mariah looks upset that it wasn’t her who stopped his cries.