Steffy Worries to Hope That Thomas’ Will Fall Into Old Obsessive Patterns

In the Tuesday, October 5, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy walks in on Hope and Thomas’ meeting, Zende and Paris get romantic, and Steffy has concerns that she voices to her brother. Soaps Spoilers has Monday’s B&B recap when Ridge angrily kicked Quinn out of Eric’s house.

At Forrester, Thomas shows Hope a new design. He was up late, creating it. He watches her eyes as she looks at it but when she doesn’t respond, he freaks out and pulls the sketchpad from her hands. She tells him she loves it and takes the pad back. She has other ideas on what to add to it, thinking it’ll make a statement on the runway. Steffy walks in and watches the exchange, quietly. She shoes herself and they tell her that Thomas was designing all night. Steffy teases. “Maybe you’re trying to score brownie points with Hope.” Hope says it’s working. “Not bad,” Steffy says after looking at the sketch. Thomas is insulted. She laughs. She’s teasing. She sucks back some liquid from a massive cup and Hope admits she’s grateful to Thomas for all the work he’s putting into her line. “I’m sure,” Steffy says. She thinks he needs a healthy social life, “Cause you don’t.” Thomas tells her his social life is good. She asks if he’s seeing someone.

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hope thomas sketch bold beautiful

Zende has called Paris into his office. She’s grateful that she got away from “the most boringest meeting” in the world, which was about cyber security. He shows her a sketch and asks for her honest opinion. She calls it divine. “Hope is going to flip out over this,” she tells him, calling it fresh, fun, and vibrant. He stares at her beautiful eyes and admits he can’t hear her. “All I wanna do is kiss you.” He does just that. She asks if there’s a kissing policy. He says there is unless it’s them kissing. It’d never affect his opinion on her work. She laughs and he admits that he’s serious. Hope and Thomas are impressed by her design ideas but nobody’s as impressed as he is. He kisses her.

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Zende and Paris wander into Hope’s office as Steffy and Hope are teasing Thomas about seeing someone. They ask what’s going on. “Someone is full of secrets,” she says, pointing at Thomas. Zende admits that he showed Paris a design and she called it divine. Talk turns to her time staying with Steffy and Finn and how much she enjoyed it but that it was time to move on. Thomas invites Paris with him to discuss designs and Zende follows. Steffy and Hope call Paris a wonderful addition. Steffy asks what she and Thomas talk about. She’s curious about her brother and if Hope’s picked up on anything, like whether there is a woman he’s interested in. Hope says she just asked him. Steffy says he skirted the question. Is she covering for Thomas? Hope says, “You want me to swear on a stack of fashion magazines that I’m telling the truth — because I am.” The ladies laugh. Steffy is concerned he’ll fall into old patterns and want him to move on. Hope thinks it’s a matter of time until someone else catches his eye.

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In another office, Thomas shows Zende and Paris another design that Zende calls “Classic Thomas Forrester.” Paris suggests he raise the hemline and add a bold-colored jacket. He likes those ideas. Zende loves her feedback and Thomas calls it passionate. “Forrester’s lucky to have you,” he tells her. Zende agrees with that sentiment. “And so am I,” he says. He gets a text and has to go. He kisses Paris goodbye. Thomas wants to clear the air with her about Zoe and the way he used her to try to get to Hope. “It was wrong,” He admits. She didn’t deserve it and apologizes. “You wanted to be with Hope,” Paris comments. Thomas says he wasn’t seeing what Hope wanted and did things that he regrets. “Zoe had to pay the price of my obsession with Hope.” Paris gets it and says her sister has changed and turned her life around and it seems like Thomas has too. They discuss him co-parenting Douglas and how hard it is for him. It’s why he dives into work so much. It keeps him focused. Occupied. Paris understands what it’s like to put a lid on feelings and emotions. She gives him more design ideas to make the outfit edgier. He likes it. “You are really good,” he admits. He jokes that she’ll take over his spot on the Hope for the Future line. He’s glad to work closely with her. She keeps him on his toes. He hopes he can teach her something, too.

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