How Tara’s Appearance Could Ruin Skyle & Fans Wonder If Shadam Are Truly Over

We spent the week in Genoa City once again and watched Victor put Chelsea in her place, we couldn’t decide if we should trust Sutton or Imani, we started to say goodbye to Lola, and watched as Tara and Harrison ended the week by crashing Summer and Kyle’s engagement party. Did anyone else surprise themselves by enjoying Adam’s standalone episode and were you wary that he may not change at all?

Skyle’s engagement party

Everyone got all dolled up in Solid Gold Dancer’s dresses like it was New Year’s Eve 1986 and gathered at Society for Summer and Kyle’s engagement party. It was a glittery affair but they barely had a chance to celebrate with a toast when Tara Locke and Harrison (Kellen Enriquez) walked in. Does anyone else think that Sally Spectra sent Tara there on purpose? It popped into my head since she seemed so obsessed with finding out what Phyllis and Jack were up to, even going as far as to video chat her aunt Sally about it, but the Y&R spoilers tell us that Tara was given the boot by Ashland and is concerned he’ll try to take her son from her and wants Kyle to step up. Maybe that’s why she just showed up out of the blue. This storyline doesn’t excite me. Kids in soaps don’t excite me. And seeing Tara again doesn’t inspire anything. Something tells me that her appearance can only mean misery for Summer and Kyle, especially if Ashland reappears and makes trouble for Kyle. If and only if this kid is even his!

harrison locke young and restless

Come clean or lose the chance to raise Connor

Victor knows Chelsea so well. She’s an easy target since she has a child and wants the best for Connor. He concocted a pretty sweet plan that kept both Adam and Chelsea out of prison but give Chelsea her just desserts. I love how Victor even brought a doctor in to fool poor Rey, who I’m positive realized he was set up anyway. While I felt for Rey, Chelsea sure sold her part. I was riveted. Melissa Claire Egan has some fine acting chops and goes against The Great Victor Newman beautifully. But Chelsea had to have known she would never win against him.

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Can we really trust Imani or Sutton?

I’m still nowhere near knowing what to think about Sutton Ames except that he seems awfully untrustworthy. Sutton became awfully angry talking about his case. He told Amanda he wouldn’t plead guilty to second-degree homicide with a sentence of 20 years even if he was guilty. Even when she told him they’d cut it in half for good behaviour, the man was adamant. Does that mean he’s innocent or guilty? And what was with the exchange between him and Imani? Can we trust her? She didn’t show up at Sutton’s party. Is it because she doesn’t believe in his innocence?

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Adam and Sharon

Once again I’m baffled by the writing for Adam and Sharon. The show has spent the last few years stringing along viewers to think that these two will reunite and now it looks as though Adam is letting Sharon go and Sharon’s going to stay with Rey. I found the standalone episode brilliant when I went into it thinking that I would be bored. But it made it clearer to me that Adam seems to be moving on from Sharon and letting her go. Is that what I saw? It’s hard to believe since he also talked a good game about becoming a better person, and a few days later, he and Victor quickly drank to bringing Billy down with Cyaxares. But um…Doesn’t Jabot own Cyaxares now?

Not everyone wants Sharon with Adam. But those who do are quite passionate about it. These tweets below tell the frustration from that part of the audience who feels “jerked around.” I’m not hopeful that these fans will get the payoff they’ve been waiting for.

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I keep seeing Nick and Phyllis together and forgetting that they’re married. COVID isn’t helping matters but a few romantic or suggestive words would go a long way toward finding these two plausible anymore.

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Lola’s goodbye

This week Lola let Rey know she’s moving to Miami. In reality, Sasha Calle is leaving the show in order to play Supergirl in upcoming films. I’m glad for the actress but feel for poor Lola who barely had any screen time in months just because she wasn’t paired off with Kyle. She deserved better.

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