Y&R Opinion; Is Ashland Really Dying? The Forced Break-up Between Phyllis & Nick, — & No Way is Chance Dead

Dishing on October on Y&R

October on Y&R consisted mostly of the wedding preparations of Victoria and Ashland, and then the time spent in Tuscany for the wedding. Too much time was spent talking about what happened to Ashland 40 years ago that wasn’t even on canvas then. Most viewers weren’t interested, including me, especially since we already had enough of the Sutton Ames storyline which again, happened off-canvas 40 years ago. Nobody cared about that either. But brace yourselves, because it’s back. It didn’t just get brushed under the carpet as some of us were hopeful for.

While some viewers loved the expensive look of the furniture in Tuscany and wished the sets would be transferred to Genoa City, some found it too cluttered with what looked to them like Grandma’s things. I thought the sets were beautiful but would have appreciated it more if there was less clutter. Somebody needs to learn that it’s okay to appreciate things and not buy everything that tickles your fancy.

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Abby learned that Chance was presumed dead and is in denial. Frankly, so are most of us. It’s doubtful that the show would kill off a legacy character. Meanwhile, not only Nick and Phyllis were arguing about his family, but Sharon and Rey were back to arguing once again about Adam. Noah returned and seems to be fitting in well. He’s cute and we’re consistently told that he has a secret. We got a few lesbian kisses from Tessa and Mariah, which is usually unheard of, Lauren was hurt because the dress she created for Victoria wasn’t used, and instead, Sally’s creation was talked about all over the world. Meanwhile, Billy spent the month eavesdropping, which can be entertaining for some as it is annoying to others. And how about that kiss between Sally and Adam? All of this is broken down in SoapsSpoilers’ gallery as well as poor Sharon’s in one scene because, well, she deserves better! Take a look…