Between The Paternity Test And Cyaxares Getting A New Name, We Can’t Contain Our Excitement

Welcome back to my ranty Young and Restless opinion. Ranting doesn’t please me. It’s against my nature. I know some of you may find that hard to believe if you’ve read myย past Y&R opinion pieces and I understand, but I can’t help myself! With that in mind, here we go again.

Kevin’s back

Finally, Kevin returned to our screens. I was glad to see him but a little let down that it was simply to ask Chloe if she helped frame Adam. He didn’t like her answer and that was the extent of their conversation. It’s a shame to bring him back for that but I digress. It was still good to see her finally fess up.

Chloe visiting Chelsea in the psych ward confirmed to me one more time that their friendship is toxic and that they both belong in prison. Right now, I’m tired of these two and am glad Rey’s still on the case, trying to figure out if Chelsea’s faking her mental health issues. Go Rey! Now if Rey would smile more often and we saw some Shey love scenes, that’d be even better. I may prefer Sharon with Adam but I can read the writing on the wall. The show has no interest in pairing them so the least they can do is give Shey some heat.

I’m assuming there are two camps at least. One that likes a hot, steamy and sexy pairing of a couple, and the other who likes a strong, loyal, secure guy they can count on. I’d never judge a fan for liking one or the other but I am partial to the steamy, sexy pairing myself, even if it does come with messiness.

I toyed with adding this but I’m just going to say it. Now if we could only get scenes with Kevin, Michael and Gloria… I know. I ask for too much!

kevin asks chloe question young and restless

Sisterly moment

It’s was nice to see a sisterly moment between Abby and Victoria, but the content was a dreadful bore since all we hear from Abby’s mouth has to do with Chance or the surrogacy. Can we give this woman something else in her life to focus on? Please?

Why all the sparkly dresses? Seriously, I need to know. And why stick feathers on Abby with a denim collar over it? Do they want us to hate Abby more? Is that even possible?

Ashland and Victoria โ€” Meh

Y&R always goes the safe route, don’t they? Victoria and Ashland have no chemistry and no heat whatsoever so of course, the show wants to pair them together. We saw Phyllis and Ashland for two seconds during his first visit and their chemistry shone. I haven’t stopped thinking about the possibilities of a hot sexy yet casual romance between the two. And since Phyllis and Nick act like they’re buddies these days, I would have no problem with Phyllis cheating on Nick with Ashland or just breaking Phick up. Having Phashland (that’s a mouthful!) sneak around could be fun and drama-filled, especially since she wouldn’t want it to necessarily get back to Summer. But whatever. I want this show to do a lot of things that will never happen with the Soap Police enforcing the ‘no fun’ rules.

victoria flirty with ashland young restless

Claim paternity without a DNA test?

I like Kyle. My mama can’t stand him. She’d like it if he was punched probably in every episode. I’m being facetious. She’s not violent, but my point is, I do like him but I’m team drama. I wanted Ashland to punch Kyle out when he arrived at their hotel suite, but we can’t have messy things happen on this show. It’s all so sophisticated. Instead, Ashland just looked angry. He didn’t even yell. Yawn. Even when Ashland ran into Tara, he acted like he was mildly agitated, not enraged. Sigh.

All Tara’s pacing and pressuring Kyle to claim paternity only looks suspicious. He should have had a paternity test a long bloody time ago but at least this week he said he’d do that. Will he learn that the kid isn’t even his? Is it Theo’s? I would feel for Harrison if I cared one iota for this story. Sorry, kid.

What we’ve learned is that Ashland’s the injured party here, not Tara. All we know is that Tara called him a good husband and a good father and that she cheated on him. That makes it sound as though she’s the jerk in the situation, not him. If he’s a man scorned, he has every right to be. She screwed around on him and screwed up by kidnapping his son. With that in mind, I tried hard not to judge him when he threatened my Phyllis for not giving him the names of all of the people who signed into Grand Phoenix, but I failed. It’s stupid, it’s against the law and if he was a billionaire, why didn’t he just hire someone to hack in? I mean this is still a soap opera, right? And as for Tara, who is also a billionaire, why not just hire a good lawyer rather than steal her son? Make this shit more believable.

Some big questions:

I was a little confused about Ashland telling Tara that he makes the money in the family for them. I thought she was a big shoe designer?ย  Surely she doesn’t need her husband’s money. This is, after all, 2021 and if my dearly departed daddy, Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox taught us anything it’s that Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves.

My second biggest question:

Why has Kyle waited so long to tell his father about Harrison to begin with? I don’t know if I’m missing something. Maybe I’ve got a screw loose in my head. But to me, Kyle’s acting as though this is 1950 and gall darn it, he went all the way with a girl in his Studebaker and gone done knocked her up. He told Jack, “I tried to handle this on my own but it’s escalated. It’s time you know the truth.” I laughed myself silly over that. It’s 2021. Why is this even a plot point? Is it because they’re billionaires and Kyle thinks Jack wouldn’t want the “Abbott name sullied?” Did anyone else gasp in shock with Summer when Kyle told her he’d ask Jack to move Tara and Harrison into his house? Bold move.ย The only saving grace with that is that possibly Jack and Tara might have chemistry, which would drive Sally crazy and cause some drama. I might be able to get behind that. Maybe that’s the reason they went with this actress over say Bree Williamson. Because the drama coming is supposed to be for Jackie Boy, not Skyle.

What I really liked? Summer breaking down in tears, telling her mama about Harrison. She’s young, not even married and already, there’s a possible step-child involved. It’s a lot for her to take in and the only thing that could have made that scene was if the actresses were able to get in a nice warm embrace.

kyle bond tara young restless

Tessa and Mariah

The most ship-worthy couple on the show right now other than Skyle for me is this couple. Tessa documenting Mariah’s pregnancy is adorable, and the way she told her how she was beautiful inside and out made Mariah and I swoon, but I wish this was their baby they were having. Still, give us more of these two.

tessa mariah party young and restless


Victor and Adam are changing the name of Ashland’s company to Newman Media. Cyaxares is a mouthful which was why I never cared for it, but Newman Media is sort of safe, isn’t it? It gently and quietly pissed Ashland off, which made me cringe a little. If Ashland didn’t want them changing the name of the company that he built from the ground, (believe me, I understand this!) he probably should have added that to the contract.

Highlight: The highlight wasn’t from this scene but I enjoyed watching Nick and Adam hang out together. I liked their awkwardness and how Victor was beaming at seeing his sons together and urged them to make it permanent. I also loved that Nick shot him down and told him not to get too used to it.

ashland surprised by victor young restless

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