Bold & Beautiful Spoilers September 19-23: Brooke and Thomas Argue About Douglas and Her Sexual Past & Ridge Thinks He’s a Bad Dad

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, September 19 to Friday, September 23.

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First, B&B spoilers September 12 – September 16 have Steffy urges Ridge to admit his feelings for Taylor and $Bill and Brooke reminisced about their past until someone came along and interrupted.

brooke reacts caught by ridge bold

Monday, September 19

Monday’s B&B recap: Steffy pushes her parents together

Brooke sets up a surprise romantic evening to remind Ridge of their true love.

Brooke misses an annual check-up.

Hope and Brooke discuss the Forresters and how they don’t want the fighting.

Steffy sets up her parents so they can have another little Forrester party.

Finn thinks his kid already wants to be a doctor like his old man.

Ridge claims the kid wants to be a designer, and then Taylor jokes that he wants to be a psychiatrist like his grandma.

Ridge makes a demand of Thomas after reiterating his love for Brooke.

brooke makes call alone time husband bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Tuesday, September 20

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Steffy stops Brooke from getting in touch with Ridge

Deacon has a difficult day managing Sheila.

Deacon and Sheila canoodle and kiss.

Sheila remembers holding Hayes.

Steffy puts the breaks on Brooke’s romantic night with Ridge.

Brooke can’t believe Steffy’s gall. 

Liam and Hope learn about Dollar Bill’s visit with Brooke and how Ridge reacted.

sheila canoodles deacon sofa bold beautiful

Wednesday, September 21

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Brooke battles with Taylor

Taylor admonishes Steffy for her parent trapping and urges her to worry about her own marriage.

Brooke tells Hope all about Steffy stirring the pot and interfering with the phone call.

Hope goes to Steffy to tell her off.

Brooke and Taylor battle over Steffy’s interference in Brooke’s life.

Bill describes Ridge’s reaction to finding Brooke in his arms to a stunned Wyatt and Liam. 

Dollar Bill trashes Ridge, calling him Poser The Clown.

taylor learns what steffy did bold beautiful

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Thursday, September 22

Thursday’s B&B recap: Taylor thinks Ridge needs to choose

Li is charmed by Dollar Bill when he asks if he may join her for lunch at Il Giardino.

Li thanks Bill again for saving her.

Hope puts Thomas on blast for helping Steffy ruin Brooke’s plans with Ridge.

Thomas throws Steffy under the bus.

Taylor thinks Ridge loves both her and Brooke and has to choose, though Brooke calls Ridge her destiny.

paris senses issues bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Friday, September 23

Friday’s B&B recap: Brooke fears for her safety

Brooke wants to spend time with Douglas.

Thomas refuses to let Brooke spend time with Thomas.

Taylor makes a substantial request of Ridge.

Thomas is misogynistic toward Brooke.

Brooke hurls accusations against Thomas.

thomas threatens knife brooke bold beautiful

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