Bold & Beautiful Spoilers August 1 – 5: Deacon Doesn’t Believe Ridge is Committed, While Carter & Quinn Canoodle

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, August 1 to Friday, August 5.

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Find out what’s coming up on Bold and Beautiful 2 weeks ahead. You’ll find August 1-5 below and then take a look at the week of B&B spoilers August 8-12.

Steffy and Finn’s epic love story continues on location right in Monte Carlo! Meanwhile, an unwilling Deacon gets sucked into Sheila’s newest scheme, as Taylor posts a picture worth a thousand words.

Monday, August 1

Monday’s B&B recap: Finn reunites with Steffy

Sheila muscles her way into Deacon’s place with a crazy story and a desperate request.

Sheila wants Deacon to hide her from the cops.

Deacon and Sheila get into an argument.

Flavia helps search for Steffy.

talor search steffy bold

Steffy hears the bells toll at a church and goes inside to light a candle.

Finn, Ridge, and Taylor search for Steffy in the beautiful principality of Monte Carlo.

Finn finally finds a woman but turns out it’s not Steffy.

Finn and Steffy finally reunite, embracing happily.

sheila deacon lunch bold beautiful

Tuesday, August 2

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Deacon lies to the cops and Steffy wonders why Li lied to her

The fates and stars align allowing Steffy and Finn to find their way back into each other’s arms.

Deacon is forced to make a split decision that may very well change his life.

deacon lies to cops baker bold and beautiful soapsspoilers cbs

Deacon hides Sheila but tells her this is the last time.

Baker believes Deacon’s lies.

Ridge and Taylor are giddy with excitement.

Brooke and Hope learn Sheila’s on the loose.

Hope has a canary over Sheila being on the loose, but Brooke asks her to focus on the reunion.

brooke hope canary bold beautiful

Wednesday, August 3

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Ridge kisses Taylor

In a happy moment, Hope takes, then posts a photo of her parents that quickly goes viral.

Ridge sees the photos of Deacon and his wife and gets turned inside out.

Caught up in a euphoric moment, Taylor and Ridge share a kiss.

Deacon and Brooke get together with Hope to discuss Steffy and Finn’s reunion.

Amidst the romantic locale of Monte Carlo, Steffy and Finn celebrate their miracle, committed love for one another, and a joyous family reunion.
ridge whines bold beautiful

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Thursday, August 4

Thursday’s B&B recap: Brooke yells at Hope about that photo

Brooke becomes alarmed about Hope’s picture on social media.

Brooke goes off on Hope who explains she didn’t mean harm.

Taylor asks Ridge why he kissed her. He explains it away.

Finn and Steffy still can’t believe any of this is real and they decide to go home.

family sinn bold beautiful

Friday, August 5

Friday’s B&B recap: Carter and Quinn canoodle in bed

Everyone returns home from Monaco.

After Brooke rejects his presence, Deacon explains his theory about Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke to Hope.

Hope feels bad for her father.
Taylor and Ridge show up at Brooke’s and the tension between the exes.
Steffy calls out Taylor and Ridge about their new vibe since being in Monte Carlo.
taylor uncomfortable bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

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