Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 13-17: Hope Wants Answers From Eric & Finn Speaks

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, June 13 to Friday, June 17.

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Baker delivers alarming news to Ridge and Taylor, Hope accidentally uncovers a juicy secret, and concerned about Eric, Quinn enlists the help of Bridget. 

Monday, June 13

Monday’s B&B recap: Li’s shocked to see Steffy at her house

Quinn grows concerned about Eric’s rapid heartbeat, unaware that he is with Donna.
Ridge gets confused and flustered by Carter’s announcement.

Li puts the blame for Finn’s death on other people.
Eric and Donna are spied on while they are in their bungalow.

honey bear eric with donna canoodle bold beautiful

Tuesday, June 14

B&B recap: Sheila finds Finn alive

Sheila gloats to a terrified Li that many have tried, but failed, to keep her behind bars.

Sheila and Li argue about whether or not Sheila meant to kill Finn.

Sheila hears a noise in the other room and throws Li aside and barges into the room, finding Finn.

Quinn asks Bridget if it’s okay for her to be tracking Eric’s blood pressure without his knowledge and the doctor says yes.

Sheila can’t believe Li kept Finn from her.

Donna is caught by Hope and begs her not to tell Quinn that she’s sleeping with Eric.

quinn alert BB

Wednesday, June 15

B&B recap: Finn wakes up!

Carter is still worried that Paris might do something evil to ruin her marriage with Eric.

Sheila clobbers Li during an argument.

Finn wakes up!

Li refuses to take Finn to a hospital and explains how Finn came to be alive.

Bridget and Quinn question Eric about his strenuous exercise.

Hope demands answers from Donna.

donna defends herself BB


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Thursday, June 16

Thursday’s Bold and Beautiful episode was pre-empted. This episode is pushed to the next day, though SoapsSpoilers was able to recap it today!

Friday, June 17

Friday’s B&B recap: Sheila and Li form an alliance

Quinn attempts to convince Carter not to propose to Paris.

Ridge and Taylor need information as to where Sheila might have gone.

Hope wants answers from Eric.

As Li and Sheila receive an unexpected surprise.

Finn wakes up and mumbles.

ridge taylor make calls BB

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