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Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new Bold and the Beautiful for the week of July 26 – July 30.

No dates!

Steffy and Finn make a momentous decision, while Finns’ father Jack makes a surprise appearance. For those not already in the know, you can read more about who will portray Finn’s parents in the most recent B&B comings and goings section and see their photos!

Coming up on B&B from Monday, July 26 to Friday, July 30.

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Monday, July 26

Paris explains her new living situation to Zende.
Carter and Quinn give into their passion regardless of the consequence.

Tuesday, July 27

Steffy garners a new perspective on Finn.
Zende and Paris decide about their relationship.

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Wednesday, July 28

Katie and Brooke spend sister time together.
Steffy gives Finn terrific news.

Thursday, July 29

Steffy and Finn prepare for the wedding.
Quinn irks Brooke by making an unexpected visit to Eric.

Friday, July 30

Carter walks a fine line between his agreement with Eric and his feelings for Quinn.
Finn’s dad surprises him and Steffy with a visit before the wedding.

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