Bold & Beautiful Spoilers July 25-29: Finn is Reunited With the Children Before he Calls out to Steffy

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, July 25 to Friday, July 29.

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Dollar Bill has a startling revelation, and Finn continues to plot his escape from Sheila.

Monday, July 25

Monday’s B&B recap: Finn strangles Sheila

Wyatt and Liam share a brotherly bond while discussing Steffy, Hope, and Bill.

Dr. Jordan shows up to examine Li. She starts to remember who she is.

Li recalls what Sheila did to her.

On a call with Wyatt and Liam, Bill says Steffy’s name and Finn’s and Li remembers more.

In a fight for his life, Sheila subdues an enraged Finn with a hidden syringe.

Mikes worries to Sheila that they’re going to be in it deep with the cops.

Li remembering herself bold and the beautiful

Tuesday, July 26

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Liam realizes who Li is when they meet at Bill’s

Ridge and Taylor jet to Monte Carlo to help Steffy through the heartbreak of losing Finn.

Grieving for Li and desperate for Steffy, Finn pulls his strength to fight back against Sheila. 

Finn is on repeat today again, saying he wants to go home.

Sheila keeps on repeating that she didn’t try to hurt anyone.

Taylor and Deacon talk about their friendship. Deacon wants more. 

taylor snuggle ridge brooke appears bold beautiful

Wednesday, July 27

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Li reunites with Finn

On the plane, Taylor and Ridge share deep emotions as they rush to Steffy.

Finn ups the ante, pushing Sheila’s buttons to get what he most wants: freedom.

finn gets up sheila bold beautiful

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Thursday, July 28

Thursday’s B&B recap: Sheila escapes once again

Finn unleashes his unyielding fury at Sheila about Steffy.

Li and Finn enjoy their loving reunion.

Sheila attempts to control the situation, but the damage has been done, and the jig is nearly up.

Bill decides to take Finn to Monaco.

Li stays with a tied up Sheila.

Mike saves Sheila and is ‘rewarded’ with a kiss.

sheila tied bold beautiful


Friday, July 29

Friday’s B&B recap: Finn reunites with Hayes and Kelly and sees Steffy

Bill delivers an unexpected and exceptional gift to an extraordinary person.

Finn is happy to see Taylor, Ridge and the kids.

finn kelly alive bold

Kelly’s grateful Finn’s alive.

Overlooking a beautiful vista in the south of France, Steffy is overcome with emotion remembering Finn.

Finn finally finds Steffy and calls out to her.

Ridge tells Bill he owes him.

Eric and Brooke and Thomas are amazed to hear Finn’s alive.

ridge embrace finn bold and beautiful

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