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Coming up this week on the Bold and the Beautiful, the truth is finally out about Steffy’s baby daddy when the paternity test results come in, Liam tries to save his marriage, while Finn expresses to Steffy how she has changed his life, and more. Meanwhile, for those who missed out, here’s a refresher on what happened last week on Bold and the Beautiful. Afterward, read the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn what’s coming up. Please keep in mind that last week, we only saw Monday’s episode, and there was no baby reveal.

Last week, Zoe and Carter were looking to their future together while Ridge dropped that bomb, and Steffy and Finn visited the doctor to take that paternity test. The waiting began and while Thomas overheard a conversation, Brooke confronted Steffy.

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Monday, February 15

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Hope makes a decision about her marriage.

Tuesday, February 16

Liam and Hope discuss their marriage after Hope’s decision.
Steffy, Liam and Finn learn Finn is not the baby daddy. But is there something shady going on? Vote!
Steffy’s crushed. Finn doesn’t know where he belongs.

Were paternity test results switched on B&B?

  • Yes (92%, 35 Votes)
  • No (8%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 38

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Wednesday, February 17

Finn and Liam both try to figure out what comes next, now that they know Liam’s the father.
Bridget returns as Ashley Jones makes her way back to Bold and Beautiful.

Thursday, February 18

Carter demands answers from Zoe and Zende.

Eva, the publicist works with Katie while in Paris.  Kelly Kruger’s appearance is detailed.

Friday, February 19

Brooke and Donna chat with Katie about her relationship with Bill.

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