Bold and Beautiful Spoilers August 2 – 6; A Mystery Woman Crashes Steffy & Finn’s Wedding, Carter & Quinn Have Sex

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new Bold and the Beautiful for the week of August 2 – August 6.

Full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, August 2 to Friday, August 6.

Monday, August 2

Naomi Matsuda debuts as Finn’s mother “Li.” Li is being portrayed by Naomi Matsuda.
Steffy learns a secret about Finn’s past.
Finn and Steffy announce their impending wedding to their families.

Tuesday, August 3

Steffy puts aside past rivalry and asks Hope to play a pivotal role in her nuptials.
Eric agrees to Steffy’s heartfelt request to honor her namesake and grandmother Stephanie.

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Wednesday, August 4

Finn romances Steffy on the eve of their wedding.
Quinn and Carter find a sexy way to distract themselves from not being invited to the wedding.

Thursday, August 5

Tensions rise when a mystery woman arrives at the Forrester mansion.
The Forrester wedding of the century commences. The officiant is portrayed by Petri Byrd. You will recognize his photo from Judge Judy’s show.

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Friday, August 6

In front of family and friends, Steffy and Finn pledge themselves to one another reciting personal vows, and become husband and wife.

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