Thomas Obsesses Over Paris, ‘I’ve Never Met Anyone Like Her’, While Liam and Hope Make Love

In the Wednesday, October 6, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy tries to get Thomas to get out there and see women, Hope and Liam have a romantic afternoon interlude, and Zende gets a huge surprise. Soaps Spoilers has Tuesday’s B&B recap when Steffy worried about Thomas’ obsession.

At Forrester, Steffy and Hope talk about how Thomas has been a perfectionist regarding the designs. Steffy calls him such a talent. Hope notes that he’s spending most of his time with Douglas and at the office. Steffy thinks he should be getting out there. Hope knows she’s concerned that her brother may still have feelings for her. She wants Steffy to know that she too wants him to move on. Steffy says the building is full of beautiful women. He could have a date every night if he wanted to. Liam meanders in. His meeting was cancelled and he is about to ask Hope to go out when he sees her face and asks what’s up. “We were talking about Thomas,” he says.

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In the other office, Paris tells Thomas that everyone that works there is supportive and encouraging. She likes making an impact. It’s nothing like what she thought it’d be like. “People are just…” He responds, “Not all bad?” They share a laugh. She thinks what he and Zende do is “so cool.” He sings her praises on how she thinks about the emotion that her feedback envokes. He calls her an innovator. He thinks she has a special talent, creative spirit that intrigues him. “I’m looking forward to getting to know you more.” Zende appears. “Am I interrupting something?” They talk about the groundbreaking designs and then Zende starts singing Paris’ praises. Paris says they can’t be late. She’s taking him to a Dodgers game. He’s really excited that she could get him tickets. They go.

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Paris and Zende hold hands at Dodger stadium. The L.A. Dodgers rep (played by Dieter Ruehle) turns up. Introductions are made and he talks about the surprise they have lined up. Zende’s confused.

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Thomas walks in Steffy’s office as Liam takes Hope out. Steffy jokes around about hoping her brother can meet someone and he gives her a dirty look. They discuss Paris taking Zende to a game. “Zende’s a lucky guy,” Thomas says, making Steffy nod and smile, knowingly. Steffy goes on and on about how amazing Paris is and then says everyone can see it. She’s full of surprises. He flashes back to her taking Zende to the game and admits he’s jealous. The Dodgers mean a lot to him. He turns on the television. Paris is singing the national anthem. They watch in silence as she hits all the notes and does a beautiful job singing. “Did you know that Paris could sing like that?” Thomas asks. They call her incredible. He knew she was talented and now this…He’s entranced, clearly. He can’t believe it. “She’s so much more.” Steffy says she’s beautiful and talented. He agrees. He’s never met anyone like her.

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At the cabin, Liam wants to make love. Hope plays coy. They start making out. After sex, they eat cereal on the floor and make out. They talk about how much they love each other. He loves her laugh, the face she makes when she tells the kids stories, the way she touches his hand. “Things like that.” He vowed to himself he’d never take these things for granted. He won’t. Ever. He touches her cheek and kisses her gently.

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