While Steffy’s Loved Ones Beg Her To Wake Up, Thomas Asks Sheila If She Was Involved in the Shooting

In the Friday, April 8, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam tells Steffy what she means to him, and Li continues to reject Sheila’s pleas.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Sheila begged to see Finn and Li refused.

In a waiting room, Thomas tells Liam that Steffy’s situation is serious. This can’t end the way things did with Phoebe. Liam says Steffy won’t let that happen. She would never leave her kids without a mother.

“Why did this happen?” Thomas wonders. Liam thinks they should just focus on Steffy. This makes Thomas worry about what will happen if she doesn’t make it.

ridge sits steffy bold and beautiful cbs

Ridge sits by Steffy’s bedside at the hospital. Looking at her monitor, he asks how they got into the situation. How could someone do something so awful?

He knows she’s never given up on anything before so she won’t now. “Just get better and know that I’m here,” he says.

steffy still out cold bold and beautiful cbs

Liam enters and asks how she is. “She’s here with us,” Ridge says before shuffling out. “It’s me, your favorite pain the ass,” Liam announces, assuming she can hear him. He begins improvising what she would say to him.

He says they will always be part of each other’s lives because of what they’ve shared together, because of Kelly, their struggles, and their Bob Hope marathons. They’ve beat everything that’s come against them because they still love and support each other.

It’s hard for him to imagine his life without her so he’s going to stop trying. He can’t accept a world without her in it.

liam sobs all over steffy hospital bed bold and beautiful cbs

Sniffling, Liam tells her there is no one in the world like her. She’s strong and clever and never loses an argument. She’s also a loving mom and he’s so grateful he had Kelly with her.

steffy liam beach love bold and beautiful cbs

They can watch their daughter grow up together as long as she fights her way back. No one will be happier than him when she does that. He flashes back through moments of their relationship.

Choking back tears, Liam tells her they have so many more memories to make, but she needs to be there for them. “You will not be taken from us,” he says. Taking her hand, he says the kids need their mother and he needs her too.

“I will always love you,” Liam sobs.

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sheila guilt with li bold and beautiful cbs

In the corridor, Li says that Sheila was never a mother to Finn and couldn’t be. Sheila insists she loved him and begs to see him one last time. “Absolutely not!” Li repeats.

Standing between them, Taylor tries reminding them of how much pain they are in.

li angry sheila bold and beautiful cbs

Again, Sheila asks for a chance to say goodbye. Li tells her she did that when she gave him up. Ridge and Thomas joins them and tell Li they all want to help. She says there is nothing they can do.

Deputy Chief Baker arrives and Ridge asks if he’s found the animal who did this. Sheila has to sit down.

Baker says the family should speak to him in private. He’s surprised when Sheila informs him she’s Finn’s birth mother.

detective baker hot dog on the job bold and beautiful cbs

The cop says they can’t figure out why this happened. There’s no clear reason why Finn and Steffy were in the alley. It seems like a violent robbery but he wonders if anyone had a vendetta against them.

Baker gives his word that the perpetrator will be found and brought to justice.

After the cop leaves, Taylor and Ridge offer to get Li some tea but she has to go. They know how proud she was of her son. She tells him no mother could have asked for a better son.

Li tells them to focus on Steffy. She will take care of everything for her son.

Sheila paces and thinks of her argument with Li until Thomas interrupts. “This is not the time or the place,” she tells him. He thinks she should leave.

sheila and thomas talk li bold and beautiful cbs

Sheila won’t allow Li deny him access to say goodbye to her son. He reminds her she is grieving. Thomas makes it clear he is not on Sheila’s side.

Knowing what she did to Brooke, he wonders if she had something to do with this.