Steffy Gets Her Parents to Bring Sheila Over to Confront Her for Killing Finn & Eric’s Almost Caught in Bed With Donna

In the Tuesday, May 10, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon is confused by the things Sheila says, Quinn repeats that nothing will happen between her and Carter, and Eric tells Donna how easy she is.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Steffy remembered Sheila shooting her and Finn and vowed to make her pay .

At the cliff house, Steffy tells her parents that Sheila shot her and killed Finn.

It is finally clear to her that the person they have been looking for has been there the entire time. Sheila pulled the trigger and Finn saved her life.

“I am going to make her pay for what she’s done!” Steffy declares. Taylor’s mouth hangs open. She’s baffled but it all makes sense to Ridge, who says Sheila is a psychopath.

Taylor beats herself up for letting Sheila into their home. She should have seen this.

“I’m alive because of Finn,” Steffy repeats. Ridge wants to kill Sheila and Taylor wants to call the cops.

Their daughter stops both of them, asking that they call Sheila over so she can confront her and watch her squirm. They think the police are a better option but she is determined to do it this way.

Steffy needs to feel like she is avenging Finn’s death. Her mother is skeptical, but Steffy talks her into calling Sheila and leading her on to expect she is going to get what she wants.

At Il Giardino, Deacon senses something is off with Sheila. He asks what she meant when she said Finn would still be alive if it wasn’t for Steffy. Sheila tells him Steffy always causes trouble.

Deacon thinks it sounds like she was there that night. She complains that Steffy only thinks about herself. She’s sure she mouthed off at the shooter who never planned to shoot two people.

deacon says sheila not responsible bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Deacon says it didn’t have to end that tragically. “No, it didn’t,” she says. She should have been there to protect Finn. He tells her Finn wouldn’t want her to punish herself.

Finn and the way he died is all she ever thinks about. He reminds her that there are many things in the world you can’t control. She still feels responsible. That’s why it’s best she leave LA.

sheila when tay calls her bold beautiful

Sheila suddenly gets a call from Taylor, who asks her over. She’s ecstatic and tells Deacon. He thinks this means she still has a shot at the family she always wanted.

Meanwhile, back at the cliff house, Steffy tells her parents that Sheila has terrorized their family long enough and it’s time for her to end it.

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At Forrester Creations, Carter admits to Quinn that he’s not as good at hiding his feelings as he’d thought.

They repeat to themselves that nothing can happen between them again. There is too much for them to lose. She admits she’ll always be attracted to everything about him but she’s committed to her husband and nothing will ever change that.

quinn wears blue bold and beautiful soapsspoilers1

She broke Eric’s trust but she’s sure he would never do that to her. Carter says that Eric is lucky to have her. He can think of millions of reasons any man would be thrilled to have her.

carter stunned by quinn in design room bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Carter wants her to be happy. She wants that for him too. He asks how else she can strengthen her marriage. Quinn is trying to be the woman Eric fell in love with only better.

But he still seems distant and distracted by pickleball. She can’t wait to be “close” again. Carter urges her to reach out and show how much she cares.

Eric and Donna lounge in her bed. He’s enjoying the quiet. She assumes he’s really thinking about his wife. Donna was thinking about Brad Pitt herself.

Eric admits he feels a little guilty where Quinn is concerned, but he appreciates Donna so much. His emotions are pretty complicated these days. One thing he likes about her is ho uncomplicated she is.

Donna wants to make his life easy and happy. “You make me so happy,” he says. She doesn’t like to see Honey Bear furrow his bear. When they are together it is cozy and beautiful.

He doesn’t regret being with her. He’s grateful to be with her. She makes him laugh until he cries and she’s not bad to look at either.

Suddenly, Quinn calls on video phone. “Eric? Where are you?” she asks.

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