Steffy Begs Ridge to Turn His Back on the Logans and Return to His Other Family, Bill Reminds Liam of His Priorities

In the Wednesday, December 8, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Thomas urge Ridge to return to their family, Brooke and Hope won’t turn their backs on Deacon, and Liam turns to Bill for advice. We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Sheila’s jealousy got out of control and Brooke drove Ridge away.

Bill at lunch with liama bold and beautiful soapsspoilers abc

Liam and Bill are eating at Il Giardino. Pretty quickly, Bill is annoyed that his son is just pushing his pasta around the plate. Liam explains that he doesn’t know what to do about the situation with Hope. His father assumes this is all about “that scumbag Deacon.” He doesn’t see how Hope can have any illusions about Sharpe and doesn’t think she should be bringing him into her home.

Liam looks dumb at lunch bold and beautiful soapsspoilers abc

Bill warns that if he gives Deacon an opening, he will exploit it. Liam realizes that Deacon is trying to polarize everyone. Huffing, Bill assumes he wants him to have a word with Deacon. Hope may make up her own mind, but that doesn’t mean he needs to agree with her. Bill senses that his son’s marriage is experiencing serious friction.

Liam says his marriage will be fine but things are difficult. Bill can’t see why. He made a promise to protect Hope and the children and he needs to do whatever he has to to keep Deacon away. It means a lot to Liam that he can come to him with this. Unfortunately, Hope feels the same way about Deacon.

hope talks about ridge to brooke cabin bold and beautiful soapsspoilers abc

Brooke drops in on the guest house to see Hope. She tells her daughter that she and Ridge and feeling frustrated. Hope assures her she wasn’t defying Ridge but defending her daughter.

Deacon interrupts to claim he hates how much trouble he’s causing for their relationships. Hope informs him about the ultimatum Ridge gave her about cutting her father out of his life or moving out. “That seems kinda harsh, even for Ridge,” Deacon comments. Brooke is adamant her daughter isn’t going anywhere.

deacon and hope talk about ridge kicking her out bold beautiful

Deacon guesses that Ridge has been blowing a gasket and points out that the other man has no right to ask Hope to leave. Brooke claims he’s just frustrated and worried about the future. She repeats to her daughter that she won’t let her go. All the time they have had together means a lot to her. The joy they have is exactly what Deacon wants. He wants to make memories. “I want to be a family,” he tells them.

Hope reiterates her faith that Deacon is a changed man. She can’t see why everyone is treating this like a bad thing. Her dad is not bad and people have to accept it. Deacon tells Brooke that her support means more than he can put into words. Smiles all around.

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ridge rants to his kids bold beautiful

At Forrester Creations, Thomas and Steffy are backing Ridge up on his choices. He feels like he’s fighting this battle alone. Steffy reminds him he still has has a family that supports him and that includes Taylor.

Ridge thought that he and Brooke had left Deacon behind them a long time ago but now they feel out of sync. Bluntly, his daughter asks if Brooke is really worth it. He refuses to blame Brooke for this mess but his children are less convinced. In the beginning, Ridge though this was all about Hope but now it feels like Brooke is letting Deacon back into their lives. “I can’t have it!” he declares.

ridge upset steffy said brooke not worth it bold and beautiful soapsspoilers abc

It seems to the kids that Brooke has already let Deacon in. Steffy doesn’t want to be a drag but reminds everyone of how dodgy Brooke’s history is. It’s clear that she will always be angry that Taylor lost him to Brooke. The kids insist that Deacon isn’t the only problem, Brooke is too. Unlike Taylor who always wanted the best for him. She wonders when he will stop justifying the whims of the Logan women. Steffy tells him to come home to his other family and hugs him.