Steffy Enlists a Shocked Charlie to Help Get Evidence Against Brooke, While Taylor Offers Ridge Help With Brooke

In the Thursday, February 3, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, .

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Grace stood her ground with Carter and Douglas was subjected to more interrogations about that kiss.

At the Cliffhouse, Steffy has a plan to get proof that Brooke kissed Deacon. “It’ll take some work.” They agree to leave Douglas out. They need access to the security footage from Ridge and Brooke’s system.

She calls Charlie, who says he’s on his way over. She disconnects and tells Thomas that she knows Charlie can get into the security system. “He helped me access something with an IP address,” she says and notes he can do it again.

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At home, Brooke feels nervous that Ridge paid Deacon a visit today. Hope meanders in. Ridge explains he ran into Deacon and he doesn’t know what happened on New Year’s.

He asks Hope to keep him out of what happened that night, even though he’s family. He leaves them alone and the women look at each other, awkwardly.

Brooke tears up. She feels sick about this. Her kid urges her to put it out of her mind.

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At Forrester Creations, Grace calls Zende special and Paris is fortunate to have him in her life. “She knows that.” He calls her exceptional and she adds that they’re a gorgeous couple. Still, he says he agreed to keep things casual.

Grace believes Zende’s the only man for her daughter. She can feel how much he cares. He calls her extraordinary but isn’t sure she feels the same about him anymore. He says they get along but Paris isn’t ready for a future.

Grace urges him not to give up. She doesn’t think her grown daughter knows what’s good for her but Grace does.

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Paris arrives at Carter’s. He tells her he went all out and tonight will be a night to remember. They kiss. She comments on how something smells good in there, not just his cologne.

He hands her a bouquet of flowers and she takes a sniff of them.

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She thanks him and he says he appreciates everything they have shared. She goes to put them into water and he flashes to Grace’s ultimatum. They have dinner and talk double entendres about how hot the food is.

She assumes he’s thinking about the spark between them. She can’t stop thinking about it. She calls it unexpected and wants to find out where it’s going.

He talks about how inspiring she is and she feels the same though she feels guilty about Zende. Still, he’s seeing others and they can explore what they could have. He grins at her and they smooch.

He flashes to her mother’s ultimatum again and says he wants her to understand how he feels about her even if…he trails off.

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Ridge visits Taylor at work. He compliments her new haircut. It looks really nice. “It was getting so long. A little wiggy.” She’s sorry she couldn’t get away the other night to spend time with family.

They discuss another family gathering coming up and Taylor asks if Brooke’s okay with it. He clams up. She brings up how Brooke’s been MIA from the office and that he gets tense when she brings his wife up.

Ridge tries to deny it but Taylor pushes it. She asks what she can do to help Brooke.

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Charlie arrives at the Cliffhouse and Steffy fills him in on what they need from security. Charlie appears shocked at Steffy’s request. He says he upgraded the whole system since Sheila returned.

He asks if they’ve a computer since he can check on it now. He needs to know what to look for. Thomas makes him promise not to tattle on them. Steffy tells him they’re certain that Brooke was with another man New Year’s Eve. “Get out!” Charlie says, stunned.

They want to protect their dad. Charlie says he gets it. He can’t believe she’d throw her whole life in the wood chipper like that. When he learns it was with Deacon, he’s absolutely rocked. They reveal what they know.

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