After Wishing for Her Parents’ Reunion, Steffy Catches Ridge and Taylor Embracing

In the Monday, December 20, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Thomas wish their parents were still together, Hope and Brooke worry about Taylor’s intentions, and Steffy finds her parents embracing. We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Brooke accused Taylor of brainwashing and Taylor confessed Ridge is the love of her life.

Ridge stops by the Cliffhouse and tells Taylor that he walked out on Brooke. He went for ride to clear his head and wound up there. He begins ranting about his wife being sucked into the Deacon vortex again. No matter what he does, he only seems to make matters worse.

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Deacon has been a drunk his whole life and this doesn’t seem to be a red flag for Brooke and her daughter. Pacing, Ridge tells her how grateful he is to have someone who understands him to talk to. She says she will always be there to listen to him; it’s her life’s passion.

Sitting down, he tells her she did a great job with Thomas and is always great at listening. She’s missed his smile. He used to smile all the time. “Now that you’re back, maybe I’ll smile more,” he says. She offers to do whatever she can to help, but she’s not a magician. She jokingly tries to make Deacon disappear.

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After laughing, Taylor explains that she tries not to live in the past, but she has so many special memories of their family. She holds his hand and they lock eyes. They recall Stephanie and how much she loved her and saw the good in her. “Doc, you are a remarkable woman,” he says. Taylor knows he’s in a challenging situation. Brooke gives him high highs and low lows but nothing else. She tells him she will always love him and cherish the time they had together.

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In Brooke and Ridge’s house, Deacon explains to Hope that this mess is all because Ridge can’t handle not getting his own way. Hope keeps hoping that something will get through to Ridge. Her mom comes down the stairs and says Ridge hasn’t been answering her calls. “Where could he be?” she wonders.

Hope asks her mom if she’s okay. Brooke doesn’t know. She hates that Ridge left again. Deacon blames himself. He knows that Ridge doesn’t want his life “contaminated” by his presence. Hope makes excuses for her father and Brooke makes excuses for Ridge.

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Deacon brings up Taylor’s return. Hope gets her mom to confirm it. Brooke says that the doctor might be sticking around this time, just as she and Ridge are having problems in their marriage. Hope asks if Taylor would take advantage of that. “She better not,” Brooke says. Hope knows there is a lot of history and worries Taylor might not have moved on. Brooke doesn’t know what’s going on with her, but she believes in Ridge.

However, Brooke is not naive. She likes to imagine them all as one big family, even if Taylor doesn’t look at it that way. She can’t help but feel like Taylor is still in love with Rudge.

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Steffy strolls around the Forrester Creations office and teases Thomas about not having any models hanging off him today. She tells him that their mom is settling in nicely. They are both happy she’s home. Steffy has no doubt that Taylor is still in love with their dad.

Thomas wants their mother’s happiness too and he feels bad for her since Ridge is married to Brooke. In a perfect world, their parents never would have split up. But in this world, life is just watching Ridge be frustrated by Brooke. They are both happy that their mom is back to have a positive effect on his life.

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Steffy says their mom has a positive effect on everyone and her timing is perfect. It’s like their mom knew their dad was in trouble and came back. He’s sure Deacon’s presence is salt in the wound for their dad. His sister is sure their parents need each other more than anything. After they talk about work, she reminds him he needs to make sure Douglas gets a visit with Taylor. He promises to make that happen. When she walks out, he looks pensive.

When Steffy arrives at home, she looks through the window to see Ridge and Taylor hugging and smiles.