Sheila Holds Finn Down as He Struggles to Escape, and Quinn Confronts Donna on the Roof

In the Thursday, July 14, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Charlie and Pam welcome Donna back, Sheila sends Mike out for supplies, and Ridge and Brooke look for clues.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Taylor and Deacon bonded as ‘losers’ while the name of Sheila’s accomplice sounded familiar to Brooke.

brooke listens to baker bold beautiful

At Brooke’s, she can’t help noticing that the head guard on duty when Sheila escaped was named Guthrie. “There’s something about that name,” she says.

Baker lets her and Ridge read the statement that Guthrie made.

ridge calms down baker bold and beautiful

The statement doesn’t say anything, which only makes Ridge more annoyed.

After the cop leaves, Brooke continues to puzzle over the lack of clues.

He holds her and promises to keep her safe.

sheila talks mike into helping again bold beautiful

At the hideaway, Sheila asks Mike to get meds. He tells her to go herself and offers to get her a wig. She’d look good as a redhead. He doesn’t know why he lets her talk him into this.

Sheila assures him no one will ever suspect him and begs him to do this for her and her son.

Mike doesn’t know how many crazy things he’s done for love. He hears Finn groaning in the other room and guesses he’s been listening in.

She hands Mike a list of meds and shoves him out the door before returning to Finn. He asks how her friend helped her escape. His mom says it’s just good she got out so she could bring him back. She will make him whole again and he will have a wonderful life.

He asks about Steffy. “Yes, with Steffy,” she says, promising he will reunite with his family.

Then he will see how much she really loves him. This is all a big risk for her, but she would be okay with going back to prison if she knew he was happy.

Finn insists he needs to see his wife and son now. She says that won’t be until he’s feeling better. Right now, he needs to obey his mother. If he would just trust her, everything would be fine.

He thinks she’s crazy. He keeps begging. She gets annoyed, shakes his bed, and tells him to stop with the nonsense. Sheila claims she wants him to reunite with his family but he needs to heal first.

finn demands sheila let him go bold beautiful

Finn says that letting his wife think he’s dead is cruel. She says it would be crueler to get his wife’s hopes up if he doesn’t pull through. She will bring Steffy to him when the time is right.

“Is it too much for you to show a little appreciation?” she asks.

He reminds her she shot him.

That’s why he’s there. His mother tells him how hard it was to see the bullet go into him. He asks what happened after he passed out. “Did you hurt her?” he asks.

Sheila repeats that his wife is fine. He tries to climb out of bed and demands an ambulance. She holds him down and shakes her head.

eric loves donna bold and the beautiful

At Forrester Creations, Eric tells Quinn there’s no reason to spend a lot on lawyers when they can hammer out their divorce themselves. She agrees, but she’s still having a hard time wrapping her head around him leaving her for Donna.

Wyatt arrives and looks uncomfortable.

He reminds his mom she wanted an amicable divorce. She says things can be amicable and humiliating. She’s not really thrilled about Donna being reinstated.

quinn disgusted with eric bold beautiful

Eric says they can speak to their attorneys. He’d hate for a divorce to tarnish the good memories they still have. Once he walks out, Quinn pulls a face. “Donna? Donna?” she asks.

She makes it clear she doesn’t want Eric back. She loves Carter.

Her son wonders what their relationship is. Quinn says they are just taking it as it comes and not using labels.

Wyatt thinks she can’t accept that Eric has chosen another woman.

Quinn complains that Donna is her antithesis: she is vampy and vacuous. Her son feels for her but thinks she came out the winner in this situation.

She shouldn’t let Donna stress her out when she has Carter.

wyatt walks in on his mom bold beautiful

He begs her not to say or do anything she will regret.

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On the roof terrace, Charlie and Pam congratulate Donna on her reunion with Eric. He gives her a new nametag that lists her as Donna Forrester. They are hoping they remarry real soon.

Pam used to think she was wrong for Eric, at least when he was married to Stephanie. Now she can see how devoted Donna is to him. The “wicked witch of Forrester” certainly wasn’t.

Pam gives her a bag of office supplies, including honey.

donna honey as gift bold beautiful

Eric joins them and loves seeing them all together again. “About darn tootin’ time!” Pam says. She adds that Quinn is a lunatic and they are happy he’s finally free of her.

When Eric and Donna are left alone, he tells her how much everyone has missed her. He urges her not to worry about running into Quinn. She claims she’s too happy to let anything worry her. Quinn glares at them and walks off.

quinn catches eric bold beautiful

After Eric leaves for a meeting, Quinn returns. “I’m pissed!” she announces. Donna suggests she try meditation. Quinn would rather confront the woman who slept with her husband.