After a Marathon of Sex, Sheila Tells Shocked Deacon How She Faked Her Death and He Freaks Out When His Parole Office Shows Up

In the Friday, August 19, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Quinn and Carter can hardly control their passion, Steffy and Finn are still thrilled to be together, and Zende learns of Sheila’s bear attack.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Deacon was shocked to learn Sheila is his secret lover, and Steffy and Taylor reacted harshly when Ridge revealed he confessed to Brooke.

Deacon is shocked when he sees the woman in his bed is missing a toe. He guesses it’s Sheila. She rips off her mask. “It can’t be!” he gasps.


“Mama’s back,” she coos. He holds the mask and shakes his head. Sheila cackles.

He thought she was attacked by a bear. “The only thing that attacked me, was you,” she laughs.

Sheila congratulates herself on how good she is and straddles his lap. They make out. “You’re insane,” he says.

“Insanely good between the sheets,” she says. He nods but looks worried as she pulls him into her chest.

He tells her she looks good for someone dead. She proved she was alive over and over last night. When she tries to pull him back into bed, she jumps away.

Deacon wants an explanation. Sheila takes faking her death seriously and pulled out all the stops for the mauling. “This little piggy had to go bye-bye,” she explains.

He nearly pukes as he thinks of her chopping off her own toe. It was the greatest pain she’s experienced but it was necessary for her freedom. She was pushed to her limits.

deacon grossed out by sheila bold

“I’m not crazy anymore,” she insists, reminding him of what prison is like.

Deacon can’t believe she’s there and they had sex. He reminds her that he’s on parole and this would send him back to the slammer.

She tells him she has nowhere else to go and no one understands her like him.

His parole officer knocks on the door. She begs Deacon not to turn her in. He panics.

Finn comes in from surfing and finds Steffy in their living room. He loves his first day back on the board. They chat about how much he’s missed his wife and kiss.


She suggests he get out of his wet suit and strokes his abs. It feels like their lives are back to where they were. He was never going to give up on her.


They get dressed and he wishes he could hold her forever and never let her go. She’d like that but it will be “kiddo chaos” soon. Them being together is what matters most.

It’s everything to her to have the family back together. They have a whole lifetime of memories ahead of them. That’s because of him saving her from Sheila.


He’d jump in front of a bullet again for her. She thinks he’s amazing and will never stop thanking god for bringing him back.

After he checks on the baby, Steffy tells him she doesn’t want to talk about Sheila anymore.

He tells her his life is nothing without her and they will have an amazing family, growing old together.

Steffy thinks Sheila never understood the power of their love. Cuddling him, she says Sheila will never hurt them again.


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At Forrester Creations, Quinn and Carter sit across from each other. Neither can concentrate on work. “It’s getting really hard,” she says. “Me too,” he answers.


Carter can’t handle being on the edge anymore and leaps over to her. He’s been wanting to kiss her all morning.

As the make out, Ridge walks in and sighs. He’ll never get used to his best friend making out with his ex-step-mother and suggests they find a backseat somewhere.


Carter has some business to do and wonders where Steffy is.

Zende runs in with his shirt open. “I just hear Sheila was killed by a bear! Freakin’ nuts!” he blurts.


They tell him all about the toe. Quinn cringes and laughs as Ridge shows off the picture. It’s a constant reminder for him that Sheila will never hurt anyone again.

Carter guesses the case is closed. Finn must be relieved.

They all vent about Sheila. Ridge is thrilled that his daughter is more in love that he’s ever seen her.

Quinn knows what it’s like to be more in love than ever. Ridge cringes but Quinn won’t hide her love.

ridge toe photo bold

Carter tells Ridge he knows how happy he is now thanks to how everything has turned out. Ridge is relieved. “Ding, dong Sheila is dead,” he says.