Sheila Reveals All to Thomas and Swears Him to Secrecy, and Grace Pushes Zende to Go After Paris

In the Wednesday, March 9, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas demands all the details from Sheila, Ridge checks in on Brooke, and Zende asks Grace if Paris is involved with someone else.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Thomas went off on Sheila and Zende put Paris on the spot.

At Sheila’s, Thomas tells her what she did to Brooke was wrong. She takes responsibility for getting her drunk but everything else was on Brooke.

They both know that Ridge is better off without her.

Thomas isn’t sure that staying silent is wise. “Why would I keep it a secret?” he asks. Sheila tells him Brooke hasn’t treated anyone fairly. He thinks what she did was evil and wants all the details.

“What’s done is done,” she says. He threatens to tell his father what he knows.

Sheila doesn’t like being backed into a corner but explains how she swapped the labels of the non-alcoholic and alcoholic champagne. She insists that Brooke had this coming.

“My son was there… what if Brooke had gotten behind the wheel?” he asks.

Sheila says the only person who was hurt was Brooke. He orders her to stay away from Brooke.

“I just lit the match. Brooke is the one who started the dumpster fire,” she says. Sheila knows how much he wants to see his parents back together and now that can happen because of her. He thinks she went too far.

She repeats that this is his chance to keep his family together. All that he has to do is keep quiet.

As long as no one learns about this, and he takes it to his grave, he gets what he wants.

Ridge arrives at Brooke’s. She’s surprised. He thought he’d pick up some clothes. “Oh, okay,” she says, deflated.

Ridge says the flowers outside are nice and… he wanted to see her. He’s worried about her.

Brooke claims she’s getting by. He knows they aren’t together but he will always love her.

Ridge just wanted to make sure she has support. He thinks she’s done a great job staying on top of her sobriety and wants her to keep it up.

She is consumed with a need to understand what drove her to destroy her life. “It’s killing me too,” he says.

He’s not there out of pity, but because he loves her. Ridge wishes he could take the pain away.

ridge hugs brooke bold and beautiful cbs soapspoilers

Brooke wakes up every morning without him. She’s lost the person she loves more than life itself.

He tells her she doesn’t need to apologize anymore. She can’t stop herself from doing that and blames herself for everything. Ridge gives her a hug.

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At Forrester Creations, Grace tells Zende that she knows love when she sees it and he’s still in love with her daughter. Since she saw him turn down Sequoia for a date, she assumes he wants to be with Paris exclusively.

He confirms he’s ready for that, but her daughter doesn’t seem to be. If things are meant to happen with her, that would be cool.

But if not… Grace urges him not to give up and flashes back to warning Carter to stay away from Paris. Zende asks if she’s involved with some other guy.

Grace says she’s not seeing anyone. Zende says she can see whoever she wants. “You’re the kind of man that’s worthy of a woman like Paris,” she says, urging him to make a move before it’s too late.

If he waits, he might lose her forever.

At Carter’s, Paris tells him she can’t stay away from him. She says he’s the man she really wants to be with.

He reminds her that Zende considers him a friend. Paris insists they aren’t doing anything wrong and should just focus on themselves. They make out.

Carter takes paris bed bold and beautiful cbs soapspoilers

He pulls away and doesn’t want to sneak around. She can’t shut off her feelings and is sure he can’t either. Once she takes his shirt off, he leads her up to his bed.

after sex paris bold and beautiful cbs soapspoilers

After having sex, they eat some cereal and he tells her how amazing she is, even if she’s trouble.

Paris says she’s a good kind of trouble. She wants them to stay in the moment so they can appreciate how beautiful it is.