As Steffy Clings to Life, Sheila Begs to See Finn and Li Refuses

In the Thursday, April 7, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam, Hope and Brooke learn Steffy was shot, Taylor and Ridge urge their daughter to wake up, and Sheila faces Li.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Sheila learned Steffy is alive and apologized to Taylor.

deacon breaks news bb

At the cabin, Brooke, Hope and Liam are shocked when Deacon informs them that Finn is dead and Steffy was shot. She’s alive but in bad shape. He’s already called Ridge. Throwing his hands up, Liam runs out the door.

Brooke knew something bad was going on. She could feel it.

They wonder how this could have happened. Hope says that Steffy has to be okay. Brooke assures her that she’s tough. They know Sheila will be crushed.

hope brooke shocked shooting bb

Deacon has already told her. It was a shock. Hope says this isn’t fair. “Life isn’t fair, honey,” says her father. He assures them the cops won’t stop until they find the killer.

Hope worries about how upset Liam must be.

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taylor sheila grieve bb

As Steffy lies in her hospital bed, Sheila tells Taylor she just wants her boy back. “I’m so sorry,” she cries to the doctor.

li ridge thomas hospital bb

Li arrives and is welcomed by Ridge and Thomas. Sheila asks if she can see her son. “He’s not your son, Sheila,” Li insists. Sheila can understand her heartache. None of this should have happened.

Turning away from her, Li tells Ridge that she is praying for Steffy. He assures her they all loved Finn and they’ll do their best to keep his memory alive.

She asks him to give Steffy her best.

When the women are left alone in the corridor, Sheila begs for the chance to see Finn one more time. “No,” says Li flatly.

She says that her son was murdered by a vicious evil monster and she will make sure they pay for what they’ve done.

Sheila doesn’t know how anyone could live with themselves after taking their son away.

Li snaps that Finn never accepted Sheila. She is his mother, she is the one who raised him.

taylor steffy hospital bb

Taylor sits by Steffy’s side and tells her how much everyone needs her. While all of this was happening, she and Ridge were talking about how fearless she is. They need her to keep fighting and come back.

“I need you,” she says. She already lost her sister and won’t lose her too. Looking up with tears in her eyes, Taylor continues to plead for her life.

She feels helpless and remembers how she would cry out for her when she was scared as a child.

As Taylor starts singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” Ridge comes in. Eventually she notices him. He knows that song was Steffy’s favorite.

He’s been thinking about how she was young and innocent.

Taylor says she is fighting for her life. Standing up, she embraces Ridge and they watch their daughter for a moment before she backs away.

Ridge tells Steffy to keep resting and then come back to them. They won’t waste one more moment.

When Taylor walks out, she finds Li ordering Sheila to stay away from her. The doctor gives her a hug and pays her condolences. Li is praying for Steffy. Sheila asks how she is doing.

sheila asks li see finn bb

“She’s hanging in there,” Taylor says. Sheila says she will be able to help solve the case when she wakes up. She asks again to see Finn one more time. Li refuses again.

Liam arrives in the waiting room. Thomas tells him that Steffy is still in critical condition.

Back in Steffy’s room, Ridge continues reminding Steffy about her childhood. He recalls how she was stood up by some boy when they were kids. When she gets hurt, he gets hurt.

Every injury she suffers leaves a scar on him.

He’s so scarred up, he doesn’t like the person he’s become. He’s become the kind of person who can’t protect his daughter and her kids. Only she can keep her kids safe.

That’s why she has to come back. The world wouldn’t be cruel enough to take her away.