Sheila is Dragged Away by Cops After Being Arrested for Murder, Screaming She’ll be Back

In the Monday, May 16, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke tells Hope how much she wishes she was with Ridge, Sheila continues to lay the blame on Steffy, to the consternation of her parents, and Ridge tells Brooke the truth.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Sheila admitted she sabotaged Brooke’s alcoholism and Ridge threatened to destroy her.

sheila argues B&B

At the cliff house, Sheila declares she is not going to prison because of an accident. Steffy points out she shot her deliberately. Sheila dismisses that. She’s talking about what happened to Finn.

Taylor and Ridge lecture her, telling her she doesn’t deserve any sympathy. She’s going to jail.

Sheila says they are being cruel. They asked her there with promises to see her grandson and now have done this to her. Steffy reminds her she shot her.

Sheila complains that was because she got in her face. “You are just as guilty,” she insists.

risge steffy confront sheila B&B

“Shut up!” Ridge screams, saying she’s sick and should be in an institution. Taylor gets him to back down. Steffy hopes Sheila spends the rest of her life rotting somewhere.

Sheila urges Steffy to think from someone else’s perspective for once. She’s sure Finn would want her to have compassion for her.

Steffy says that compassion won’t be coming her way. She’s sure Sheila knows that Finn would not forgive her for killing him.

Sheila wants some help from Taylor but the doctor isn’t giving her any.

Ridge is just looking forward to Sheila dying in prison after everything she’s done to his family. He hates her.

This is why Steffy wanted to keep Sheila out of their lives. Now Hayes will grow up without a father.

sheila screams while arrested B&B

Sheila is sorry for that but she’s not going to prison. As she heads for the door, Lt. Baker and his men arrive. They chase her around the room and arrest her, thanking the family for wearing a wire.

As she’s read her rights, Sheila insists they let her say her piece. She repeats she just wanted to meet her son and maybe be part of his life. Steffy refused to let that happen and wouldn’t even let Finn speak for himself.

None of them will ever understand what it’s like to not have the chance to love unconditionally. Finn was her chance and now he’s gone. “I love him!” she cries.

Steffy thinks her love is toxic and Finn never would have wanted it. He tried to forget where he came from. Now Steffy will have to forget her.

Steffy is determined to come back from this stronger than ever and raise Hayes to be the opposite of Sheila. He will never even know her name. She’ll be completely erased and forgotten.

“Take her away,” she orders.

As Sheila is dragged out, she declares that she will be back and Hayes will love her. “I will be back!” she growls.

ridge taylor comfort steffy B&B

Once the family is alone, Taylor and Ridge assure Steffy that Sheila won’t be back.

As horrible as her memories are, Steffy is relieved to know what really happened.

Taylor reminds Ridge they know what happened to Brooke too. He knows she’s been haunted by it. Taylor urges him to go and tell her the truth.

Once he leaves, Steffy marvels about how crazy Sheila really was. She worries that the truth could change things for Taylor and Ridge.

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brooke skeptical sheila B&B

At Brooke’s, she tells Hope that Deacon seems to have wishful thinking where Sheila is concerned. She wouldn’t put it past Taylor to forgive and accept Sheila, but Ridge never will.

Brooke wishes she could be with Ridge while he faces so many problems. Hope knows they shouldn’t be apart. They need to fix that. Her mom still feels bad for what she did.

“I need to figure out what possessed me to drink,” she complains. Hope wonders if the issue is really the drinking or what it led to.

Brooke claims she’s not trying to find excuses for what she did with Deacon. She just wants to understand so she can forgive herself.

Her daughter reminds her she was drunk and not much happened.

brooke horrified B&B

That doesn’t make her mom regret it any less. She needs an answer.

Hope tells her to stop obsessing and apologizing. Brooke wants Ridge to trust her again. Her daughter is sure he knows she never would have turned to Deacon if not for the alcohol.

Brooke has lost faith before but she’s not going to do that now. She knows he’s not better off with Taylor and they will find a way through this.

Once she’s alone, Ridge shows up. He’s frazzled and tells her that Steffy remembers everything. They found out the shooter. It was Sheila.

Brooke can’t believe it. She’s in custody now, he explains. He’s sure that Sheila won’t hurt anyone again…including her.

Steffy also remembered that she went to confront Sheila about New Year’s Eve. She switched the labels on the champagne bottles.

Brooke’s jaw drops. “I knew it!” she exclaims. Ridge says it was all Sheila, apologizes, and gives her a hug.