Ridge Confesses to Trouble in His Marriage to Taylor and Later, Thomas & Steffy Find Taylor in Ridge’s Arms

In the Tuesday, December 14, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge and Taylor are happy to catch up more, Katie and Brooke discuss how their father wasn’t there for them, and Deacon and Hope share a bonding moment. We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Brooke opened up to Katie about her marital discord and Ridge and “Doc” caught up.

At Steffy’s house, Ridge can’t believe that Taylor is right there in front of him. She smiles. “I know.” She can’t believe it either. It’s been a while and a lot has changed since she’s been away. “And some things haven’t changed at all.” Ridge is glad to hear that Taylor’s planning on staying there for a while.

They smile at one another and later have drinks in the kitchen as Taylor talks up how excited she was about being away in Africa. He’s not surprised. She’s selfless. She’s always been. He’s glad she’s going to be sticking around. They talk about how Thomas is getting better and that Taylor’s the reason why. She’s glad to hear that he works well with Hope but worries about Douglas. Ridge tells her he’s well-adjusted. She’s concerned that he’s living at Brooke’s with Hope.

She is sure Brooke’s been wonderful with him. Ridge assures her that he’s happy there but Taylor thinks a boy needs his father, especially at Douglas’ age. “Where’s the biology?” He reminds her he lives there too. When he clams up about Brooke, Taylor asks if there’s trouble in his marriage.

When he doesn’t respond, she apologizes. He starts to open up and admits they can’t agree on Deacon Sharpe being a part of Hope’s life.

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Thomas sketches at Forrester Creations and tells his sister that he can’t believe Mom showed up at her door. He can’t wait to see her. Steffy thinks she’ll spoil the kids rotten. Thomas and Steffy are thrilled. Steffy gets the feeling that their mom still loves their dad.

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At Brooke’s, she tells Katie that Ridge is adamant that Deacon shouldn’t be around while Hope wants her dad around her. Katie thinks Hope deserves to have a relationship with her dad. Brooke read Deacon’s letters to Hope. She can see he wants to be a father.

The women agree that it’d have been nice if their father had that with them when they were growing up. Hope deserves that opportunity. Brooke was conflicted that he wasn’t a part of her life. Katie thinks that since they gave their father the chance to salvage their relationship, Hope should have that chance, too.

Katie thinks that letting go of the past can be done. She cries. “When it comes to family, it can be done.” Brooke tears up and hopes Ridge comes to the same conclusion.

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At the cabin, Hope does some sparring with herself. Deacon turns up. He saw Liam’s car wasn’t in the driveway. She assures him that he’s always welcome in her home. They look in on the kids. He’s thrilled she and Brooke gave him this chance. Deacon asks what Hope was doing before he got there.

He learns she was learning self-defence and tells her that they have that in common. He’s been into martial arts his whole life. He talks about Karate and that he’d like to teach her a few moves. “Bow to your Sensei,” he says. He shows her that she needs to keep her eyes on her opponent while bowing.

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Back at the Cliffhouse, Ridge fills Taylor in on the Deacon situation. She assumes Brooke isn’t okay with that but Ridge tells her that she’s changed her tune. Taylor understands that this is bothering him, especially considering Brooke and Deacon’s past. Taylor’s sorry for what he’s going through. She hugs him as Steffy and Thomas appear in the door.

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