Ridge Admits He’s a Failure as a Father, and Knife-Wielding Thomas Tells Brooke the Forresters Are Rising & It’s Time His Parents Reunite

In the Friday, September 23, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy continues pressuring her parents to reunite, Brooke worries when she sees Thomas with a knife and tells him to stay out of her marriage.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Li and Bill got closer, and Taylor told Brooke that Ridge loves them both and will have to choose.

Steffy and Finn are making out at the cliff house when Taylor walks in on them.

She jokes about this, and he admits how hard it must be not to interrupt them kissing.

steffy talks dad senses bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Taylor is happy they are happy. Her daughter thinks she would be happier if Ridge were there.

Her mom confronts her about being “shady” and preventing Ridge from going to see Brooke.

Ridge arrives with some fuzzy bears. Steffy suggests they have another family dinner so he can give them to the kids.

Her father confronts her about intercepting the call from Brooke. Steffy says they were having such a nice time and she wants them to have more nights of reconnecting.

They recall how much fun they were having when Brooke called.

Finn and Steffy admire how Ridge and Taylor look at each other. She feels like the Forresters are winning again and getting their miracles. They can all feel what they are feeling every day.

taylor upset daughter bold and beautiful

“Dad, just come home. Go back to mom,” she urges.

Ridge says that Taylor is someone who has dedicated her life to helping people while he’s always been selfish. He’s made bad choices all his life and they affected his kids.

ridge made bad choices bold beautiful

Getting distraught, Ridge points out how great Finn is and how he always comes home to his wife and kids. He’s the father and husband he should have been, not one “sidetracked by some…”

Hugging his daughter, he tells her how sorry he is that he couldn’t have been what she and her mom deserved.

After Finn and Steffy leave for work, Ridge tells Taylor he could have been a better dad or husband.

She says it never does any good to hold onto feelings of guilt and shame.

When she came back twenty years, that was the time they should have reunited. But he turned his back on the family.

ridge bad choices

She tells him time has healed most of those wounds.

Of course, it left an imprint on their children, but they learned to cope. Steffy was strong, and Phoebe just wanted a family, but Thomas, the sensitive one, got lost.

Ridge blames himself for that. She says the past is just where they were, it’s not where they are going. They can decide how they want to love and be loved back right now.

They smile at each other.

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When Brooke walks into Eric’s, she starts to worry when she spots Thomas cutting up apples with a knife.

The kid runs over to welcome her, and she says she hasn’t seen him for a long time.

brooke visits douglas bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Douglas asks her bowling. Thomas is sure she’s busy. After Douglas bustles off, Brooke tells Thomas they need to talk and keeps staring at the knife.

“We need to talk about Douglas coming home,” she says. He says he’s already home. She’s annoyed he was cutting an apple with a knife. He assures her he can look after his son.

She confronts him about his family’s attacks on her marriage and declares nothing can sabotage her relationship with Ridge. He says she’s spiraling and needs to dial down the drama.

She tells him she was planning a special evening with her husband. Thomas is sure Ridge is tired of the red teddy and giggling.

Brooke repeats that she wants him to respect her relationship with his father and it’s time for Douglas to come home. He asks her to stay out of his life and Hope’s.

She accuses him of using his son to create problems for her marriage. Thomas insists he’s just trying to step up for his son. If he has issues, she might want to look in the mirror about where they came from.

What she did to his family as he was growing up and the way she treated him as a child is part of what made him who he is. He accuses her of refusing to take responsibility and announces the Forresters are rising up.

“My mother and father, their time has come,” he says.

She points out that even if she and Ridge split up, she will still be in his life because of her Forrester children.

As he picks up the knife and cuts apples again, he complains about what she did to his siblings. He wonders what it would have been like to grow up without her as a mother.

thomas knife bold beautiful

She starts listing all the things he’s put Hope through. He doesn’t care what she thinks and is sure Ridge won’t care either. His father and mother are getting closer.

The day is coming when Brooke’s reign over his family will end. “They will end,” he repeats, pointing with the knife.

thomas threatens knife brooke bold beautiful