Quinn Crashes Carter’s Wedding, Professes Her Love, and He Leaves Paris at the Altar

In the Friday, July 1, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Donna tells Katie she’s with Eric, Sheila begs Finn to wake up, and Thomas teases Taylor about Ridge.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Quinn pedalled across the beach to stop Carter’s wedding and Ridge voiced his doubts.

quinn stops the wedding bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

At Il Giardino, Charlie prompts Paris to slip a ring on Carter’s finger and provide her vows. Ridge shakes his head.

Quinn leaps off a bike and rushes in. Carter is shocked to see her with her mascara running down her cheeks.

So is everyone else.

carter ring paris wedding bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Quinn sees he is still holding a ring in his hand. She explains nothing was going to stop her from telling him what he needs to hear.

Paris asks her to leave. Charlie asks Carter if he wants him to go on.

Bill and Grace smirk. Hope looks lost. Paris just wants Quinn to go away. Quinn demands to speak to Carter. He squints in disbelief.

She tells him that that everything has changed.

“I love you more than anything in this world and I can’t let you go,” she says.

There is a lot of head shaking, aside from Grace who is thrilled. Quinn couldn’t let him go through with a marriage he doesn’t want.

Paris is not pleased. Ridge can’t understand all the theatrics.


Raising her hand, Quinn reveals that her ring is gone. Eric wants to be with Donna. Quinn tells Carter she is hopelessly in love with him. She’s done with running from that to protect other people.

She doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it, she loves him and wants to make her life with him.

Paris tells him not to move on to his future with her. Carter stares.

Ridge suggests they all leave them alone to talk. Paris is having none of that. Quinn repeats how much she loves Carter and how it has changed her.

He’s made her into the best version of herself and she wants to hold him and love him for every moment of every day.

Eventually, he turns to Paris, takes her hand, kisses it, and then runs to Quinn. They kiss and giggle.

carter quinn reunion bold beautiful

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donna and katie chat about men again bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Donna and Katie are at Brooke’s. They feel comfortable there with all the security and worry about Sheila being on the loose.

Katie guesses she’s not just there for a friendly visit.

“Um, well…” Donna says, before daintily explaining that the “new man” in her life is actually Eric. She explains that Quinn is still in love with Carter and raced off to stop his wedding.


Donna insists her relationship with Eric was never sordid, even if other people might thing it was wrong. She thinks it’s beautiful.

Her sister thinks that sounds like love. “I really think my future is going to be with Eric,” Donna says. Katie hugs her.

They are both happy for Donna, who can hardly believe Quinn has been suppressing her feelings for so long.

They both think Carter deserves better and feel sorry for Paris. But maybe he can reunite with Quinn now.

thomas half naked swim bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Thomas enters Steffy’s fresh from surfing. He wanted to check that his mother was safe. She’s glad he’s there but Ridge has beefed up security. Her son still wants to keep his eye on her until the psycho is caught.

Taylor still feels foolish for having a “kumbaya moment” with Sheila and not seeing what she was capable of. Thomas doesn’t even know how Sheila can live with herself.

If she decides to go to the office, he wants to go with her. She’s planning to work from home.

He asks if she’s been spending quality time with his dad. “Parent trap,” she coughs.

taylor calls ridge dummy bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

She says that if Ridge wants to spend time with her, it’s up to him. If not, he’s a dummy and missing out. Her son hopes he understands that.

They look at pictures of Steffy’s kids and miss them. Taylor misses the way things were before the rampage.

She’s sure Steffy will get through this but her heart hurts knowing things will never be the same for her.

Thomas says they can have a good but different life. Then he teases her about Ridge not being with Brooke and how much better his life would be with her instead.

sheila looks in on finn bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

At the hideout, Sheila begs Finn to open his eyes. After some pacing, she begs some more and rests her head on his chest. “I can’t lose you again,” she sobs.

Pacing again, she curses Li and flashes back to the car explosion. She tells Finn his “mama” will always be with him.