Justin Busts Quinn & Carter Kissing, While Paris Tells Steffy & Finn, ‘It’s Time for Me To Move Out’

In the Friday, September 24, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Paris makes a big decision, Ridge yells at his father over his marriage, and Sheila pops into Steffy and Finn’s house. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has Thursday’s B&B recap when Paris fantasized about Finn and Thomas spent time with Douglas.

In her office, Quinn gets a text from Carter, asking when he can see her again. She flashes to romance with him and sets her phone down when Eric appears, asking what’s wrong. “Nothing,” she squeaks. He tells her he knows Carter just texted her. She should go. “I want this for you.” Ridge stares at them, his brow furrowed. When Quinn goes, Ridge asks what’s going on. He assumes Eric’s forgiven Quinn but says he hasn’t. Eric talks about their arrangement, making Ridge confused. He asks if his dad is happy and Eric barks, “Leave it alone. I’d really like you to respect my privacy.” Instead of doing that, Ridge gets out his phone and texts Justin to see if he’ll follow Quinn since she’s leaving the building. Justin’s on it. Ridge apologizes as Katie wanders in. Ridge doesn’t think his dad is happy and starts hollering, “Why are you with this woman if she doesn’t bring you joy?” He calls their departure from each other just now “weird and sad.” Katie tells Ridge to ease up a little bit. “Or a lot,” Eric pitches in. She and Eric agree he can make his own decisions. Ridge gets it but thinks he makes ones that bring him harm. Eric invites Katie over since Quinn will be out late. She agrees to it and he goes off to the cutting room. Katie and Ridge talk about how Eric’s kind and generous and they worry “people” may take advantage of that. He admits he has someone checking on Quinn and will find out what she’s up to.

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At the cliff house, Paris looks at Finn. He asks what’s wrong. There’s something she wants to tell him. She’s just feeling joy and appreciation for him. She’s glad he and Steffy are back together as they should be. Steffy reappears from her conference call. Paris tells them, “It’s time for me to leave.” She’s grateful for them giving her a place to stay, “but it’s best for everyone if I move out.” They ask why and she wants to go before it seems like she’s taking advantage. She adores them all, which is why it’s time to eave. Steffy glances at Finn. Paris has a few leads of places to live. They’ll miss her but she won’t be a stranger, she says. She hugs Steffy and Finn and thanks them for their kindness. Later, when they’re alone, Steffy and Finn feel like they’re in a good place. They banter and hold hands and Finn still wants to go surfing. Steffy doesn’t mind. She’ll get back to work. Later, she turns her back and Sheila appears. “Hello Steffy,” she says. Steffy freaks out and asks how she got in. “You’re not welcome here, now get out!” She yells.

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Quinn works up the guts to knock on Carter’s door. She eventually does and he lets her in. Justin appears in the hallway and listens at the door. Quinn says she wasn’t going to come and thought they could just talk. He laughs. Justin eavesdrops as Carter tells her it’s safe. They should pick up where they left off. They kiss and go to his bedroom and make out. Carter heads outside and spies on them from the patio, then lets himself inside and walks in on them. He yells, “Busted!”

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