Paris Eavesdrops on Zende Making a Date With a Model & Taylor Fishes for Information With Brooke

In the Tuesday, January 18, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor goes looking for a scoop at Brooke’s while Ridge asks if Carter is interested in someone new, and Zende makes a date with someone else. We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Ridge fended off questions from his kids, and Deacon kissed Brooke again.

Brooke works on her laptop at home and flashes back once again to New Year’s Eve with Deacon. She’s surprised to see Taylor at her door later and tells the other woman that Ridge is at work.

brooke laptop bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Taylor’s there to see her and reminds the blonde that she asked to be friends. “I’m here as  a friend,” she says. Brooke’s skeptical. Taylor says Steffy and Ridge are concerned about her and she wanted to see how she was doing and to offer her help.

She heard that Brooke hasn’t  been in the office. Brooke is uncomfortable. She doesn’t like everyone talking about her. Taylor keeps looking for angles and Brooke frowns.

taylor visit brooke friend bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Sheila wanders her suite and wonders what happened to Brooke on New Year’s. She hopes it was something bad. It’d serve her right for keeping her from her son.

Sheila paces as she wonders why Deacon didn’t even hint at what happened with Brooke. What did Brooke do? Sheila wonders.

sheila thinks about taylor bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

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At Forrester Creations, some new guy named Max (Akbar Gbajabiamila) asks Carter to go out with the guys. Carter refuses but Max  says he’s got to “get back in the game.”

Ridge gets on his case too asking if he has someone already in his life. Carter doesn’t say and Max asks Ridge to come be his wing man. Ridge refuses so Max invites Carter to Bikini.

Later, Ridge asks if Carter’s thinking of Quinn. He admits it’s been less and less. He wants life to be simple and uncomplicated. Ridge advises, “Don’t get involved with women that are already involved with someone else.”

max on bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

In the design room, Sequoya, the model that Zende is pinning into a dress, asks him out for a drink. He thinks about Paris not wanting a commitment and agrees to it.

Paris overheard and confronts them. The model goes and Zende isn’t sure where they stand but she made it clear that she’s not ready to be serious. Is he wrong? She was just surprised.

She apologizes if he feels let down. He’s glad she was honest and knows where she’s coming from. She wants him to be happy and tells him to go out and have fun. She doesn’t want to hear about it though. They agree they can still care about each other and not be exclusive. He thinks someday he’ll make her his wife.

She tells him she’d be the luckiest girl in the world. They kiss. He goes and Carter surprises Paris. She lays it on him that Zende asked Sequoia on a date. She should have expected it. He’s a catch.

She wanted to loosen things up to enjoy their freedom. She needed time to process it. Now that she sees Carter, she feels better. Carter grins but looks away. “Paris…” She admits since New Year’s, she can’t stop thinking about that kiss.

sequoia bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Back at Brooke’s, Taylor tries to reassure Brooke that she’s just hoping to help her. Ridge shows up and Taylor takes a hike. Ridge thinks Taylor was just trying to be nice.

He tells her the exact same thing he told her yesterday, “It’s obvious to me that you’re still struggling with what happened on New Year’s.”  She still doesn’t think it makes sense what happened that night.

He asks her to focus on them. “Move on. It’ll be our little secret.” She hugs him and professes her love.

ridge says move on bold beautiful

Sheila stops by Taylor’s office once again. “We talked about this,” Taylor says. Sheila knows she’s not supposed to show up unannounced. She can’t stop thinking about Taylor and Christmas Eve.

She talks about Taylor wanting to reunite with her family and doesn’t think it’s fair that Brooke won’t allow it. She thinks Brooke is a brick wall and asks how Taylor thinks Brooke’s doing.

sheila talks brooke bold beautiful
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