taylor talks steffy about logans bold beautiful

In the Wednesday, January 12, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor tries to keep the peace between Steffy and Hope, Ridge promises to be there for Brooke, and Grace can hardly hide her contempt for Carter. We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Hope warned Taylor to respect Ridge and Brooke’s marriage.

At the Cliffhouse, Hope tells Taylor and Steffy that she doesn’t want anyone taking advantage of her mom and Ridge when they are in a difficult time.

Steffy gets annoyed. Taylor tells them this is awkward and she doesn’t know what’s going on. If Brooke needs any help, she’d be happy to give it.

Hope thanks her but says her mom just needs stability. Steffy is sure Brooke is feeling threatened by having her mom back in town.

Taylor continues trying to keep things calm and assures Hope she is not back to break up Ridge’s marriage.

steffy wants mom dad together bold beautiful

Once Hope exits, Steffy apologizes to her mom for all the tension. Having Deacon back is making everything problematic.

Steffy blames all of this on Brooke and suggests she doesn’t care about Ridge’s feelings. He needs to see that the Logans and their drama are bad for him.

taylor talks steffy about logans bold beautiful

Taylor tells Steffy that Ridge knows his own mind. Steffy still finds his choices hard to believe. Everything is upside-down world.

Otherwise, he would be with Taylor. She can’t understand why he is spending all his time with the Logans when he should be with her and Thomas.

Taylor tells her that he’s going through something and that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love their family. Steffy is sure that whatever trouble Brooke is in was brought on by herself. Her dad has no help over there.

Hope may need her father, but so does she. “It’s not fair,” Steffy complains, telling her mom how much she needs her.

Now that she’s back, she needs to fight for her family. It’s obvious she still loves Ridge and deep down he feels the same. They need to get him out of the Logan situation.

ridge supportive of brooke bold and the beautiful cbs

At Brooke’s, Ridge tells her that he will be beside her as long as she needs. She’s committed to her sobriety and he will help her maintain it.

Brooke vows that what happened on New Year’s will never happen again. She assures him that he’s been incredibly supportive and she can be on her own while he goes to work.

He loves that they can say anything to each other.

They rehash her disappointment on New Year’s at his absence. She made a mistake that will never happen again because of how much she respects him.

Hope listens at the door as her mom thanks Ridge for being so supportive. He promises to be right by her side and they kiss.

Hope joins her mom after Ridge leaves. She reminds her that it’s okay to lean on her for support if she needs it.

Hope has guessed that there is more going on with Deacon that her mother has let on. She hasn’t even seen him since New Year’s and suspects Brooke told him to stay away.

Is this because she drank that night? Is she blaming Deacon for her relapse? If something happened between them, she wants to know.

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grace meets Carter bold beautiful

Paris shows her mom around Forrester Creations. Grace is really impressed by how charming and handsome Eric is.

She’s a lot less enthusiastic when she’s introduced to Carter. Grace has heard a lot about him… from both her daughters, especially Zoe.

Paris explains her mom is thinking about moving to LA and she’d be thrilled if she does.

Grace would love to be around to keep an eye on her girl, not that she needs it. Carter talks up Paris and how much she is admired around the company.

Ridge rushes in and greets Grace. She apologizes to him for what Reece did. He assures her that’s all in the past and they are trying to focus on positive things.

Paris announces her mom is staying with her and leads her out. Carter looks deflated.

cassandra creech comes bold beautiful paris mother cbs soapsspoilers
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