Eric and Ridge Fight Over Quinn, While Sheila Contacts Finn, Who Admits to Hope ‘I Want to Know Sheila’

In the Thursday, September 30, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge and Eric fight about Quinn, Finn admits he wants to see his birth mama to Hope. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has Thursday’s B&B recap when Eric admitted to manipulating Quinn and Carter.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke asks if her sister’s taking Quinn’s side. Katie isn’t but Eric told her the same thing, that he manipulated Quinn and Carter into having an affair. Brooke says Eric needs guidance — not Quinn.

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric explains to Ridge that Quinn is back with Carter because of him. Ridge’s brain can’t handle the news and he stammers and blinks. “What possible reason could you have to do this?” Ridge demands, yelling at the top of his lungs. Eric asks if he really wants him to spell it out. Ridge finally gets the hint. Eric reveals it’s physically impossible for him to make love and though that part of his life is over for him, it shouldn’t be for Quinn. Finally, he says that Quinn played him since day one and he figures she convinced him from day one. They need to get rid of “that hideous portrait.” He asks how she goes after a vulnerable man and assumes it’s because she wants the Forrester lifestyle. He yells, “Take your stuff and get out, now.” Eric tells his son that’s enough. She’s not going anywhere. Eric needs her companionship and she needs more than that. “You need to stop this,” Ridge says. Eric starts to cry. He hopes it never happens to his son — the fear of being alone. Ridge cries as he finally quiets down. He thinks Eric lost his dignity. Quinn snaps and tells him he’s wrong. Eric says all of his kids left, Stephanie left. It’s too quiet there. There’s no laughter, talk, no hearing him play the piano and nobody to listen when he has something to say.

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Finn and Hope drink coffee at the cabin. She wants him to stick around until Steffy and Liam return. They agree that it’s weird that his wife and her husband are at the park together with their kid. Finn calls it a wild ride coming into the Forrester and Logan and Spencer worlds. “Your head must be spinning,” Hope says with a laugh. “You survived,” he comments. Hope says, “Barely.” She had to accept that Liam loved them both. Finn brings up his birth mother not working out. “Some things are better than others, but of all people to give birth to you — Sheila Carter.” Hope asks if she’s reached out.

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In her hotel suite, Sheila barks that she should be getting to know her grandson but no, “I’m being kept away from them, all because of Steffy,” she says, bitingly. Keith turns up, the hotel assistant. He signs her to stay for three more nights and asks how her date was. She reveals she got to meet her grandson for the first time. She says she’s not checking out until she sees her son and beautiful grandson again. She tells him her son’s wife won’t allow it and she’s tried her best. “She just wants to make me out to be a villain.” Keith’s sorry to hear it and says it never hurts to reach out. “Don’t involve his wife. Text him and tell him how you feel. Maybe he’s feeling the same.” He goes.

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Back at the cabin, Sheila texts Finn in a massive coincidence.  He reads “Seeing you holding Hayes, I had a powerful sensation in my whole body that I need to be with you. I’m just a mother and a grandmother who wants to be a part of her son and grandson’s lives. Never doubt how much I love you, Mom.” Hope asks how he feels. He tells her his priority has to be with Steffy and Hayes. There’s too much history to overcome. Hope asks if he’s trying to convince her or himself. He wants to get to know her and understand why she let him go. All he knows about are her crimes. There must be more to her. He admits he wants more than unanswered questions. “I want to know Sheila. Steffy, she won’t have it.” He gets it but his feelings are there. Hope hugs him, assuring him it’ll work out.

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