Finn Finds Steffy Fighting With Sheila and Kicks Her Out, While Eric Explodes at Ridge and Katie For Meddling

In the Tuesday, September 28, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy warns Sheila, Katie asks Ridge what he thinks Quinn is up to and Justin doesn’t know what to think when faced with Quinn’s surprising story. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has Monday’s B&B recap when Justin learned that Eric knew all about Quinn and Carter’s intimacy.

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In Ridge’s office, Ridge tells Katie he hasn’t heard anything from Justin yet. Katie asks where Ridge thinks she is. He has suspicions but isn’t ready to talk about them yet. She urges him to find out so he says he’ll get an update. Eric walks in and asks what they’re talking about. Ridge admits he’s trying to figure out what’s going on between him and Quinn and why she’s out every night. Katie launches into the same diatribe, and they ask Eric where she goes. Eric knows where she is and asks his on to drop it. Both of them need to drop it. Katie tries to defend herself but Eric tells her to stop it. They head out together.

ridge not minding business bold and the beautiful cbs

At Carter’s, Justin can’t wrap his brain around what Carter and Quinn told him that it was Eric’s idea to have them spend time together intimately. She clarifies it’s not an affair. She again tells Justin that Eric can’t express his love to her physically. Carter can’t believe Justin is that daft that he can’t figure it out. Justin laughs that Carter’s gotten lucky at Eric’s expense. Quinn yells that she’s not asking him to condone it. She’s asking him to forget he knows. They beg and plead for long minutes for Justin to keep the secret to himself. It would be humiliating for Eric.

quinn begs Justin shut up bold beautiful

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Sheila refuses to leave Steffy’s house until she can hold her grandson. She’ll never hold Hayes. “We’ll see about that, won’t we?” Sheila says. Steffy shoves Sheila and snaps that if she takes one more step, “I swear to God, Sheila, you’re going to be sorry.” Sheila tries again to get Steffy to change her mind. “No!” Steffy says. “You can’t be that vindictive.” Sheila yells, “For the last time, get out before I throw you out.” Finn walks in and takes in the scene. Steffy explains that Sheila snuck in when she saw him go surfing. Sheila asks how he feels. She pulls the mother card and Steffy throws her hands up in exasperation. Finn doesn’t like being put in the middle of her and his wife. She knows why he can’t have anything to do with her. He brings up her history and she interrupts, asking him not to. He and her grandson mean everything to him. She wants to make up for lost time. Steffy rolled her eyes as Sheila asks Finn, “Please, don’t turn your back on me, your mother.” She gave him away once and was so different back then. She claims she’s not the monster Steffy says she is. She asks for a chance to show him. He hopes she has changed but it won’t change the fact that he stands with his wife. Sheila begs him not to let her come between them. He shows her the door. Once she’s outside, she watches from the window as they embrace.

Paris finds Zende sketching in his office. They make out and he tells her his day isn’t complete without one of her smiles. She grins and he asks how things are going at the beach. “What do you wanna know?” She asks. He asks how long she’ll be staying. “All good things must come to an end,” she says. She admits she’s moving out. He asks why she’s moving now and she shrugs it off, citing that it was time to move on. Zende’s all for it which means they’ll get more time to themselves. They kiss and banter. She finds him caring and understanding.

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Justin returns to Ridge’s office and Ridge begs the lawyer to tell him if Quinn’s being unfaithful. Justin flashes to what he saw and heard and sighs.