Mike Shocks Sheila, Asking Her to Go Away With Him & Leave Finn to Die as Deacon Shrinks Taylor About Bridge’s Destiny

In the Friday, July 18, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Charlie tries to keep the peace, Quinn vents to Carter about Donna, and Finn demands to see his wife and child.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Charlie tried to keep the peace, and Finn demanded to Sheila that he see his wife. 

In her office, Taylor asks Deacon if he knows where Sheila is.

He doesn’t so she bashes Sheila, letting out all of her anger toward the woman. Deacon tells her to let it flow through her.

She reminds him everything said in her office is confidential and he jokes that he’s the therapist now.

She believes that he doesn’t know where Sheila is but asks him to consider where the woman could be hiding out.

taylor thoughts destiny bold beauatiful

He’s not sure but is glad that she takes him at his word. He asks how Steffy’s doing and wonders if she and Ridge talked about going to Europe. She admits she and Ridge talked about it before he returned to Brooke.

Deacon gives unsolicited advice. He challenges her to talk about her feelings about Ridge and Brooke’s destiny.

Taylor says it’s hard for her to say it without laughing but maybe they’re going to be destiny for eternity.

Or maybe, this bridge they’re building is burning to the ground, day by day because Brooke won’t stop playing with matches. “Boom,” Deacon says.

“Tell me how you really feel, doctor.” He adopts a German accent and says that it sounds like she and this Brooke Logan woman will never be BFFs. Taylor laughs.

deacon plays therapist bold beautiful

At Brooke’s, Ridge makes a call to Taylor’s to see how she’s doing but doesn’t get anywhere. Brooke thinks Taylor will be just fine, like she was.

They canoodle. Brooke are caught kissing by Hope. Ridge asks Hope if her dad knows where Sheila is.

She’s offended. He told her he didn’t know where she was, but clearly Ridge doesn’t believe him. Ridge shrugs.

He’ll never believe anything Deacon says. They argue about whether or not he’s a good guy as Brooke tries to change the topic.

They relax and talk turns to Sheila plotting while she bides her time. Brooke says they don’t know what goes on in her twisted mind. Hope’s glad of all the security Ridge hired. Brooke agrees, not just for her but Taylor too.

Ridge vows Sheila won’t come near his family again.

hope finds brooke with ridge kissing bold and beautiful

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At Il Giardino, Liam looks around. “Dad, you picked a hell of a restaurant.” They’re a few feet away from where Steffy and Finn were shot. Wyatt wonders how it’s possible that it happened. Dollar Bill says Sheila’s nuts.

Wyatt wonders where the justice is, when Sheila’s going to get hers. Liam talks about what Ridge is doing to make that happen and Bill thinks it’s good the dressmaker is taking charge.

He’s quick to point out that even so, he’s not a fan. Liam talks about Steffy’s trip with the kids and how he agrees with it being easier to move forward after such an enormous loss.

Bill looks around to see if Deacon’s there “with his mop and pail.” He wonders if Deacon’s still connected to Sheila.

Liam says not according to Hope.

liam bashes sheila bold beautiful

At Li’s place, Mike returns with supplies for Finn. He sees Sheila standing over Finn with a syringe. “Oh my freaking… You killed your son again?” Sheila’s incensed.

“You really think I would kill my own son.” Mike reminds her she almost did — twice.

mike asks plan bold beautiful

Sheila snaps that he’s had a sedative. She snaps and grabs the bag and snipes about probably going back to prison. Mike thinks if they connect her to Li’s death, she will.

Sheila hasn’t found anything about police finding the truck or a body in the water. She didn’t mean for Li to die. “In spite if that, why do these things keep happening to me?”

She calls Li but her call goes to call answer.

Finn comes to and moans. Mike asks what the plan is. He says Finn’s upset because she’s keeping him from his wife and child. Sheila thinks he’ll be so happy to see them at some point and will forget all about this.

Mike thinks it’s noble but she’ll still be in prison.

Mike says he will be as well. He thinks she should cut her losses. They could be really good together.

Sheila realizes he wants her to run away with him and leave her son to die. Finn opens his eyes without them noticing. To himself he says he needs to get out of there before it’s too late.

finn drugged bold beautiful