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In the Thursday, October 7, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon is home and Brooke is not happy, Paris and Thomas share a moment. Soaps Spoilers has Wednesday’s B&B recap where Zende loved his big surprise and Thomas obsessed over Paris.

At the cabin, Liam wants sex from Hope since they have an hour until Donna brings the kids home. Hope says she invited Ridge and Brooke over. Liam’s not happy about that. Brooke and Ridge stroll in and ask what she wanted to see them about. Hope stammers and asks them to keep an open mind. She opens the door and her father, Deacon Sharpe, walks in. He sets down his duffle bag and says, “Daddy’s home.” Brooke yells, “What are you doing here?” Ridge says he should be in prison. “Where you belong,” Brooke says. Liam goes to call the police but Deacon says he got out early because of overcrowding. “Already?” Brooke asks. He says it felt like a lifetime. He admits he has changed. He’s different than the man they knew before. “I’m reformed.” Ridge asks how much money he wants, assuming he needs a handout. Hope denies he wants that.  Brooke reminds her kid that Deacon will always take the low road. Hope admits she invited Deacon. “I invited him.” Brooke complains. “Don’t be fooled, especially if he starts drinking again.” Deacon says he wanted to change this time which is why it worked. Ridge scoffs. “He was in prison for five minutes and he’s spreading warm and fuzzies?” Liam says Hope will set herself up for disappointment. Hope isn’t saying she is forgiving his past completely. She knows where they’re coming from but he’s her father. They learn she’s been corresponding with him the entire time he’s been in prison and they all gasp. Deacon admits her letters got him through. He produces a huge stack. Brooke vows, “You’re never going to be a part of Hope’s life. Tell him honey,” she says to Hope. When Hope doesn’t speak, Brooke yells, “Tell him!”

In Steffy’s office at Forrester, Steffy learns that Paris’ input on his design was what made it wonderful. They sing her praises a little. “Plus she can sing,” Steffy reminds her brother since they just heard and saw her singing the national anthem at the Dodgers’ game. Paris and Zende stroll in and try to tell the siblings what they did but Steffy and Thomas are too busy reminiscing about going to a game together. They share that they saw Paris singing. “Is there anything you can’t do?” Thomas asks. Paris grins, basking in the glow of knowing she’s amazing. Zende calls her a star. “Stop it,” she says, embarrassed. Thomas says she keeps surprising him more and more. Zende calls her badass and Steffy says they’re so proud of her. Zende asks if she’s an actress too since she kept it to herself. Thomas and Steffy agree they’re fortunate to have her there but Zende says nobody’s luckier than him. They kiss. After they’re all finished admiring Paris, Thomas and Paris go to his office. Steffy starts telling Zende how Paris’ insight is invaluable. Zende says when her design ideas are incorporated, she lights up from within. Zende’s happy. Designing and his dream woman means his life is good. Steffy’s happy for him. “You’re really fallen for her.” He guesses so.

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In his office, Thomas admires Paris some more. Nobody wants to hear him sing but he asks if she’s always been this gifted. She shrugs. She started in the church choir and had a girl group growing up. “We wanted to be the next Destiny’s Child.” He bets she was singing lead. She admits it. He asks how it feels to sing with such passion, emotion and depth. “It’s like opening up,” she tells him. It’s hard to describe but makes her feel lighter. He praises her again and asks her to sing at the launch. She drops the sketch and they both go down to get it and touch hands. They gaze into each other’s eyes.

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