Carter Tells Quinn He Loves Her and is Going Out of His Mind, and Brooke Walks in on Taylor Feeding Ridge

In the Thursday, June 2, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor and Ridge miss Steffy, Deacon blames himself for what happened to Brooke, and Carter corners Quinn.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Liam was stunned that Steffy was leaving town and Li was thrilled that Finn was improving.

brooke and deacon talking sheila off wagon bold and the beautiful

Brooke paces her house and looks at her phone. She thinks of Ridge until Deacon interrupts. He knows he shouldn’t be there but they need to talk.

Brooke reminds him Ridge would be upset if he knew he was there. He just wanted to see how she was doing and talk about why she fell off the wagon.

deacon calls sheila crazy bold beautiful

Part of him feels responsible but she assures him he couldn’t have guessed what Sheila would do. He didn’t pick up the warning sides. “She’s a crazy person,” Brooke summarizes.

deacon talks sheila with brooke bold and the beautiful

Deacon keeps beating himself up. He hates how Sheila victimized her and took her self-belief away. When she admits Ridge hasn’t forgiven her yet, he suggests the other man doesn’t deserve her.

He continues blaming himself. He shouldn’t have been there on New Year’s Eve. Ridge has got to get over this. She explains he’s moved into Eric’s to figure things out.

Deacon doesn’t see what there is to figure out. She appreciates all the support but she needs to go and see her husband.

At the Forrester estate, Eric tells his son he likes having him there and he can spend all the time he wants to. It will always be his home. He gets a text and has to go back to the club.

eric leaves pickle ball bold and the beautiful

“That’s a lot of pickle ball,” Ridge observes. He heads out as Taylor arrives with a bag of food.

taylor visits food bold and the beautiful

They talk about how much they miss Steffy since she left. They are all grateful for each other. He wants to eat. As they do, they talk about their daughter leaving the country.

He’s distracted. He just wants Sheila to suffer for the rest of her life. The doctor says they can’t let her consume their thoughts. They need to focus on the positive. At least they can hang out.

They joke about how handsome he is and hold hands. He’s impressed she remembered where to get the right Chinese take-out. Taylor always knows exactly what he needs.

tay vs brooke bold beautiful

She tells him he can just give her his tip. Brooke interrupts and says that Ridge is there to be alone. The blonde asks her to leave. Taylor points out that’s ironic since she just showed up.

They talk about Steffy leaving town. Her parents think that will be good for her. Brooke claims he heart goes out to her and then notices the Chinese food.

“How long are you planning on staying?” she asks. Taylor reminds her their daughter just left are being shot. They need time to process that together.

taylor tells brook processing bold beautiful

She asks Ridge to tell his wife that they need some time together. He looks back and forth at the women.

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quinn gold glasses bold and the beautiful

At Forrester Creations, Quinn is trying out her latest necklace on a model. Carter comes in clapping and declares it another masterpiece. He stares at her until she sends the model away.

Once the door is closed, Carter tells Quinn how much he wanted to see her. It kills her to see him so upset. He’s going out of his mind. The only thing he can think about is how much he wants her.

He loves her and misses her like crazy. She tells him to keep his game face on. They can’t betray Eric again; he’s the most loyal man in the world.

She says they shared some amazing times but they are in the past. He can’t forget them and starts flashing back. He’s never felt so connected to any other woman ever.

quinn flashback bold beautiful

However… he admires her dedication to her marriage. She’d be lying if she claimed the way he looks at her doesn’t move her. His love for her is incredible and she’s never felt anything like it before.

But she’s only dedicated to Eric, just like he is to her.

eric drinks bold beautiful

Eric goes to his room at the club. He gets a text from Donna saying she’s on the way. Pouring some wine, he paces the room and smiles.