As Brooke Orders Deacon to Stay Away from Sheila, she Calls Brooke Names & Gets an Idea For Revenge

In the Monday, December 27, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke threatens Sheila to keep her away from her family, Steffy tells Paris about romantic gestures in her family, and Zende picks up the ring he commissioned from Quinn. We also have Friday’s B&B recapwhere the Forresters gathered to celebrate while Sheila was moved by her awkward appearance at Finn’s Christmas.

brooke deacon talk champagne bold and bea

Deacon is unpacking bottles at Il Giardino when Brooke stops by. He assures her that he is not bartending, just filling in for someone. He tells her his Christmas was “off-the-charts awesome” thanks to the time he got to spend with their daughter. Brooke’s was pretty good too.

They chat about Eric’s high-octane eggnog and she shows him a picture of the non-alcoholic champagne that he bought for her now that she’s off the sauce. They’re sold out of it, but he offers to have some delivered for New Year’s Eve. After eavesdropping on all of this, Sheila interrupts. Brooke demands to know what she’s doing there.

sheila yelling at brooke calls slut bold and beautiful

Sheila claims she’s spreading goodwill. Brooke accuses her of only spreading her own brand of crazy. She reminds Deacon that she supported him spending time with Hope on the condition that he stay away from Sheila. Deacon points out that he lives in a closet and this is a public establishment. He and Sheila bicker. She says that who she sees and where she goes is none of “Miss High and Mighty’s” concern.

Brooke accuses Sheila of being a negative influence and insists Deacon would be better off having nothing to do with her. Deacon agrees and tells Sheila they can’t be with each other. Sheila is sick of Brooke looking down her nose at her. She’s a nurse and worked her way up in the world while Brooke has slept her way through life. She can’t understand why Ridge would want to spend his life with “a slut from the valley.” Brooke says she’s completely insane.

sheila interrupts brooke deacon bold beautiful

Deacon shakes his head and reminds them he’s at work. Sheila insists she is only human and has paid for her mistakes while Brooke is devoid of any sense of forgiveness. She wishes she was more empathetic, like Taylor.

Brooke laughs when she explains that Taylor got Steffy to let her come over for Christmas. She can’t understand why Taylor would do something so dangerous. She’s determined to keep her locked out of her family’s lives, especially Steffy, Finn, and Hays. Deacon tries to get them to have a time out but Brooke continues trashing Sheila, suggesting that Taylor has really lost her touch. Earnestly, Sheila begs for mercy but Brooke will have none of it. “I am going to make certain that you are out of all of our lives once and for all,” Brooke vows.

sheila up to no good booze bold beautiful cbs

Left alone, Sheila rants about Brooke and wonders how to put her in her place. Spotting the non-alcoholic champagne, she gets an idea. She rips the label off as she recalls Deacon telling Brooke he’ll have a bottle sent to her place on New Year’s Eve.

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steffy tells paris mum staying in LA bold beautiful cbs

At the Forrester Creations office, Paris tells Steffy how wholesome Eric’s Christmas party felt. They chat about Steffy’s family and her mom coming back. Taylor sticking around is the best gift she could have asked for. It has been a complete surprise. “That sounds magical,” Paris says.

zende steffy paris work joke bold beautiful

Steffy explains that Sheila put a damper on the magical feeling. Zende shows up to say he’s been searching everywhere for Paris. He’s hoping they can have an epic New Year’s but won’t reveal his plans. After getting a mystery text, he takes off. “Zende is into you. Wow!” Steffy comments.

paris talks christmas tradition bold and beautiful cbs

Steffy explains that big romantic gestures are a tradition among the men in the Forrester family. She tells her about the tropical treasure hunt that Ridge held. She’s never seen Zende so wrapped up in anyone as he is in Paris.

paris engagement ring bold beautiful

Zende pays Quinn a visit in her office to pick up his special order. She’s sure he and Paris will approve and shows him the ring she made. “It’s stunning,” he says. She wonders if Paris knows he’s about to propose. He’s not sure, but he’s certain that she’s the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.