Brooke Reacts to Ridge Confessing He Kissed Taylor, and Deacon Beds a ‘Mysterious Redhead’

In the Wednesday, August 17, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful,  

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Thomas’ family encouraged him to fight for Douglas and Bill learned Li is single.

In Brooke’s office, Ridge hems and haws when Brooke asks what the kiss was like. He doesn’t know what that means.

brooke reacts ridge Bold and Beautiful

He says the kiss was brought on by the reunion between his kid and Finn.

He asks how she feels and she reveals she’s disappointed and hurt. ridge talks out his ass Bold and Beautiful

He says he has feelings for Taylor but nothing like how he feels for Brooke. “I love you more than anything,” he says. She tells him she loves him more than anything.

They kiss.

brooke rewards ridge for kissing Taylor Bold and Beautiful

He has forgiven her many kisses and she decides to forgive him for this one kiss with Taylor. He thanks her. She tells him they’re moving on. She wants to talk about Thomas’ role in Douglas’ life.

brooke learns ridge made out with ex Bold and Beautiful

They argue about whether or not Thomas should be allowed to be a father in the way he wants. Brooke learns that Thomas wants to take Douglas with him to stay at Eric’s place. “She adopted him for God sakes,” Brooke says, exasperated.

Ridge says that the little boy needs to live with his father. 

Brooke gets angry and says he can’t have whatever he wants. The boy lives with Hope, Liam, and his sister. That’s what he knows. It’s his stability. She won’t let it happen. 

At Il Giardino, Deacon argues with the bartender that he can drink once in a while.

The guy reminds Deacon he has a meeting with his parole officer tomorrow and not to miss it. Deacon won’t. 

hot bartender bold beautiful

He sees a redhead nearby, staring at him and thinks he’s about to get lucky.

The bartender agrees, she’s giving off a vibe. She stares at him as if she’s interested.

sheila red hair Bold and Beautiful


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The redhead shows up at Deacon’s darkened doorstep and wordlessly shows him she wants him.

He lets her in and takes off her glasses.

He makes out with her and sits her on his desk and then throws her on his bed and they have sex in the dark.   

deacon sees mystery woman Bold and Beautiful

At Hope’s place, Thomas tells Hope that he misses Douglas and his son misses him, too.

He’s sat by and watched her make all the decisions in his life and it’s time he steps in.

hope upset by thomas bold

He wants his kid to stay over at his grandpa’s with him tomorrow night. Hope grimaces. Eric supports him uprooting Douglas?

Thomas says in so many words, yes, and he’s supportive of him living as a Forrester and himself being dad.

He thinks Liam has treated his son well but it’s time. She had to know this day would come. He asks her not to fight him on this.thomas wants kid move in bold

CBSAt Steffy’s Cliffhouse, she continues to Parent Trap Taylor with Ridge.

Taylor admits that the kiss she shared with Ridge was epic. Steffy asks her not to let this moment slip away. She asks her not to give up on Ridge.

taylor relives kiss Bold and Beautiful

Taylor won’t. She’s done being passive and minding her manners.

She believes in her and Ridge. She smiles.

steffy back to parent trapping Bold and Beautiful