Brooke Falls Off the Wagon Thanks to Sheila, Leaving Her Alone With Deacon, In a Negligee

In the Wednesday, December 29, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke accidentally drinks the alcoholic champagne, Sheila has a gift for Taylor, and Quinn tells Carter that Zende is proposing to Paris. We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Sheila got revenge on Brooke by swapping champagne labels.

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At her place, Brooke gets a call from Ridge telling her we will be home before midnight. Hope, Liam and the kids arrive to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Brooke sends Liam and the kids to the kitchen for some goodies and Hope thanks her mom for letting Deacon be part of the night.

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The booze shipment arrives at Il Giardino. As Deacon signs for it, Sheila flashes back to swapping the label on real champagne for a non-alcoholic label. When Deacon’s back is turned, she slips the swapped bottle into the delivery set for Brooke’s place. Sheila vows that no one messes with her and her family.

bubbly arrives for brooke new years bold and beautiful cbs

The non-alcoholic champagne is delivered to Brooke’s place. She tells the kids it tastes just like the real thing and she’s looking forward to a glass… or two. She cracks the bottle and starts drinking, quickly getting sentimental. As she is gulping it down, Deacon pops by. They decide to get Liam to make a toast. He hopes for a peaceful future for all of them. Brooke toasts to better days ahead for all of them.

As Hope and Liam collect their children, Deacon thanks Brooke again for giving him the support to turn his life around. He’s so grateful to her.

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At the Cliffhouse, Steffy gets Finn to drop his top and “charge her up.” Once they get dressed, she tells him how bizarre it was to have his mother there. She’s just glad they can celebrate tonight and hopefully not see Sheila for a long time.

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Sheila stops by Taylor’s office and thanks her for talking Steffy into letting her see her son and grandson on Christmas. She gives the shrink a cactus and tells her it’s symbolic. “They know how to protect themselves,” Taylor says. “Sometimes they even flower,” Sheila adds. She brings up Ridge and Taylor explains he’s out of town and won’t spend the night with either of his families. Sheila assures her that good things happen to good people. “You’ll see,” she promises.

Taylor stops by the Cliffhouse with her cactus. She explains it was a gift from Sheila. Steffy rolls her eyes.

Sheila returns to her room and samples the alcoholic and non-alcoholic champagne. She can’t tell the difference. “You wanted a little bubbly Brooke? Happy New Year,” she laughs.

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Deacon returns to Brooke’s after forgetting his phone. Ridge still isn’t home. Deacon tells her she’s looking beautiful and Ridge is lucky. Before he can leave, Ridge calls to say there has been a storm and his plane is grounded for a storm. “We need this time together,” she insists. There’s nothing he can do. She’s alone for New Year’s Eve. Deacon is still there.

Zende is having candlelit dinner with Paris at Il Giardino, promising her a night she will never forget. She’s surprised when he orders expensive champagne. He’s determined to show her how grateful he is for her. As they eat, he’s noticeably quiet. He explains that’s because she’s so beautiful and then slips over to the bar.

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Quinn breezes into Carter’s office at Forrester Creations and asks him about his plans for the night. He’s meeting up with some friends and she’s hanging out with Eric. She fills him in on Zende’s big plans for Paris and the engagement ring he ordered from her. Carter squints when she explains the proposal is coming tonight.

Left alone, Carter tells himself that Paris doesn’t want a proposal at all and sends her a text warning her of what’s coming.

At Il Giardino, Paris reads the text from Carter. Zende returns to their table and tells her he wants her in his future.

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