After Warning Everyone at Forrester That Sheila is Alive and on the Loose, Steffy Bumps Into Her in the Il Giardino Bathroom

In the Friday, December 9, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Finn inform the Forresters and Logans that Sheila is likely alive, and Deacon tells Sheila that her son figured out she faked her death.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Deacon stonewalled Steffy and Finn, and Bill stormed off in a rage after Liam worried abut the return of the necklace.

Everyone gathers in the Forrester office at the behest of Steffy.

They try to figure out why they are there.

Brooke recaps why Taylor and Ridge aren’t there and everyone vents about Thomas, who isn’t there either.

eric brooke and hope meet at forrester bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Steffy and Finn burst in to announce that Sheila is alive.

Everyone stares in disbelief. They think this is impossible.

Finn and Steffy explain they have proof she’s alive.

steffy tells the room sheila is alive bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Hope thinks this is insane and Carter finds it hard to believe Sheila pulled this off.

Brooke would find it unbelievable if this involved anyone other than Sheila.

Carter wonders why the cops were so quick to accept she was dead.

carter and liam wonder what's going on bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Steffy has already arranged for a security team. She tells Hope she asked her father where she could be hiding out.

Hope insists her father would have nothing to do with this. They say he was as shocked as they are.

Finn and Steffy are confident she is out there and they are determined to put her behind bars.

Once Finn and Steffy leave, the other wonder about where Sheila could have been hiding for so long.


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Sheila returns to Deacon in her disguise. He reminds her she can’t be running around town.

sheila in disguise at home bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

She tells him he can’t want her gone and want her to stay put.

He explains that Finn and Steffy figured out she’s alive.

“No, no, no, no!” says Sheila.

Once she gets her disguise off, he tells her that they were there last night to tell him she’s still alive.

They examined her toe and noticed it wasn’t gnawed off.

Sheila thinks he’s trying to freak her out to leave.

Deacon barks she needs to get out of LA and never come back. Circumstances have changed dramatically.

deacon tells sheila finn knows she's alive bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

She dismisses this and says it’s only Finn’s opinion right now. She tells him to stop panicking.

Deacon yelps that he can’t do this anymore and she needs to leave. He can’t prop her up anymore.

“Counting me out is a big mistake,” she insists. He warns the cops will find her and it can’t be there.

If this didn’t threaten her existence, she’d be so proud of he son for figuring this out.

Deacon repeats that it’s risky and she needs to go fast. He doesn’t like to be a Debbie Downer but they could be back at any moment.

She assures him neither of them are going down.

She appreciates him giving her a place to stay and some human contact. No one will ever know he helped her.

He tells he letting her stay was a big mistake.

“It wasn’t all bad, was it daddy?” she asks. They kiss.

deacon sheila kiss bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Once she gets back in her disguise, he remembers how hot she was as a redhead. She’s glad he finally admitted it.

He’ll miss having her around.

She hasn’t had many friends and he’s been a good one.

Deacon guesses this will be the last time he sees her without bars between them.

She suggests he not put his money on that.

After wishing her good luck, they kiss again.

She exits.

At Il Giardino, Finn admits he’s surprised Steffy wanted to eat where they got shot.

finn dines steffy bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

She likes the food and won’t let Sheila take away their joy.

She’s glad her mom is out of town while this is going down. She asks how he feels about his birth mother.

The doctor says he might have been able to get over her shooting him, but she also shot the woman he loves and that was going too far.

She’s so impressed by how he figured things out. It’s crazy to think Sheila is out there.

He says the cops are on it and will catch her.

They flash back to reuniting in Monaco.

He says nothing would stop him from getting back to her and their family.

Nothing in the world comes close to how much he loves her.

She heads to the bathroom to call her mom and fix her mascara.

She accidentally bumps into Sheila and spills her drink on her.

steffy spills on sheila bold beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

As she tries to clean her up, she notices she’s missing a toe and gasps, “Sheila!”

sheila open toe bold beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

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