B&B Opinion: Sheila Needs To Go, Ridge and Dollar Bill Need To Keep at Each Other’s Throats — & Brooke’s Been Dumbed Down

A Week of Miracles with Finn Flying to Monaco to Reunite With Steffy, Bill the Hero and the Strange Identity Crises of Brooke and Sheila

Last week, I was in the doldrums about the lack of action and story progression on B&B. What a difference a few days makes!

This week was jam-packed with drama, plot development, luxurious location scenes and “miracles” aplenty.

Liam recognizes Li & Bill uses his Spencey-senses for good

Liam was understandably surprised at his father’s sudden caring nature when Bill announced that he had brought an unhoused woman home with him. It’s a miracle.

I was just as surprised and discussed that in my last column. But this softer side of the usually cynical Bill is a welcome change – even if it came from left field to suit a creaky story.

Liam recognized Li, who miraculously recovered her ability to speak. Li led her savior Bill straight to Sheila and Finn, who had his own miraculous recovery from his injuries.

Li remembers son bold beautiful

Meanwhile in Monaco…

Another miracle that happened during the week was the reluctant thanks that Ridge gave Bill for bringing Finn to Monaco. If this is the beginning of a thaw between Ridge and Bill, I’m all for it.

Although Ridge and Bill have been business and love rivals for eons now, it stands to reason that the intertwining of their families would soften the edge between them.

Please, no retconning them into best buddies. Ridge and Bill can and should still be at each other’s throats from time to time.

bill and ridge not friends bold

What should happen next? We need an episode, if not an entire story arc, with the Forresters being at odds with Li for keeping Finn a secret. No instant forgiveness!

Do you want Ridge and Bill's truce to last?

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Steffy wanders around in grief, looking like a million bucks

I think we’ve all missed location shoots in our soaps. The Monaco locations are so lush and beautiful. The cinematography is stunning.  

What also looked stunning? Steffy was giving some serious Sophia Loren vibes in her widow’s weeds. Va-va-voom! Seems that widowhood agrees with young Mrs Finnegan.

But for someone who we were told was struggling with her grief, it doesn’t exactly fit, does it?

We couldn’t help but laugh, thinking ‘You know you’re rich when you can walk around Monaco without a phone or handbag’, which is also a convenient way for Finn not to be able to reach Steffy.

I see you, writers.

steffy in monaco bold beautiful

Sheila needs to ride off into the sunset

Sheila Carter is B&B’s most iconic villain. She’s terrorized the Forresters for years and usually gets away with it. She did worse on Y&R.

At her best, Sheila was a terrifying nemesis with a long memory and an unforgiving nature.

But now? Holding Finn hostage has reduced Sheila to an emotional puddle of whining and repetitive “woe is me” dialogue. This is a textbook case on how to neuter a villain.

It’s time, beyond time, for Sheila to either wind up back in jail or escape for parts unknown to nurse her grudges and come up with another revenge plan.

sheila tied up bold

What should happen next? There are only two ways that Sheila can slip out of this: either she convinces everyone to drop charges or the case gets thrown out on a technicality.

Do you want Sheila to escape justice and leave Los Angeles?

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Will the real Brooke Logan please stand up?

Brooke Logan should never be softened or dumbed down for plot purposes. Yet here we are, with Brooke cooing about Steffy’s happiness and seemingly unaware that Ridge’s mind is on Taylor.

Brooke being all caring and concerned about Steffy and Finn is out of character. Brooke could offer her congratulations to her love rivals, but still not like them.

Don’t get me started on that weird pizza party at the Forrester Creation offices. That lady who looks like Brooke is an impostor, right? Brooke Logan eating pizza? Come on!

Brooke didn’t climb her way out of her middle-class Valley existence to eat carbs and dairy.

Get the lady a salad, dressing on the side!

eric brooke learn finn alive bold and the beautiful

What should happen next? When Ridge eventually leaves Brooke yet again, she should start a rival fashion house and become the Forresters’ worst enemy. Enough drama-free happy families.

XOXO, Gossip Liam

For the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing Liam Spencer is a major gossip. 

Liam loves three things: hot gossip, worrying about Steffy and throwing attitude at civil servants like Detective Baker. Runs in the Spencer family, I guess.

Have you noticed it? Every time some drama goes down, there’s Liam, making sure he gets all the details before he runs off to spill the tea with the next group.

I guess it’s a way to keep Liam involved in stories that he really doesn’t need to be in. Ease up, dude and mind your own business.

liam calls baker on bold

What do you think? Will Steffy and Finn get their happily ever after? Is Sheila’s goose finally cooked? What will Liam gossip about next?

Leave a comment and feel free to read more of my opinions on B&B on SoapsSpoilers, which includes some fun alternative storytelling ideas!