B&B Opinion: From a Parent Trap Reboot & Questionable Boundaries to No Growth, Devoted Fans are Not Having it

Ranting about mommy and daddy issues, arch rivals, and rap sheets.

There are two ways to watch B&B without tearing your hair out: either accept what is said as the gospel truth and forget everything you know about years of story; or pretend that the show is a conceptual drama about a sister wives sex cult lead by the Forrester family and their associates.

Either way, the men are testosterone-soaked pre-schoolers incapable of lasting commitment and most of the successful-in-their-own-right women are happily subjugated, manipulated and then dropped by those men.

Rather than use the complex and often contradictory history of these characters to enrich plotlines, inconvenient truths are ignored to further ho-hum story and devoted fans are not having it. Today’s shameful hussy might be the paragon of virtue in the next story.

The daily hypocrisy on Bold and the Beautiful is so thick it should have a screen credit! Join me for a snoop back into the complicated lives of these glamorous, co-dependent weirdos.

Brooke and Ridge: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

These two have a complex history that can’t be fully understood without flow charts and spread sheets. As long-time fans know, this was not always a grand romance, but over the years, the chemist and the dressmaker developed a love that has seldom stood the test of infidelity, psychedelic berries or meddling mothers.

Both have had other temporary true loves but always find their way back together—usually at the expense of someone else’s heartbreak. Another Brooke and Ridge wedding will surely follow with a break-up.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

If you’re looking for character growth, you’re watching the wrong show.

What we want: Character growth!

Are Brooke and Ridge endgame or is Bridge over and done?

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Ridge brooke talk getting away bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes Forrester Rashid, etc: World-Renowned Psychiatrist

The good Dr. Hayes is perpetually unlucky in love, especially with two-time husband Ridge, but she always comes back for more. But don’t mistake Taylor for the upright figure she’s currently written as. When she’s not shooting her daughter’s lover or running someone down in a drunken joyride, Taylor might be romancing her brother-in-law or father-in-law—just like Brooke did.

If they weren’t always at each other’s throats, Brooke and Taylor might realize how alike they are.

What we want: Women to stop fighting over a man. And for Taylor to question her own boundaries.

Should Taylor pursue love with Ridge again or find someone new?

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taylor let ridge down bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Steffy Forrester Finnegan: Parent Trap Reboot

In the grand tradition of soaps, Steffy’s limited education and business experience got her straight to the executive suite of the family biz. Despite her loathing of all things Logan, Ridge and Taylor’s daughter is hardly a paragon of virtue—just ask Bill Spencer and his sons.

Steffy was once involved with her step-brother Rick after he had been with both her mother and her twin sister. Yuck!

Both of Steffy’s children were born of uncertain paternity, she killed her own cousin in self-defense and has hatched scheme after scheme to get her parents back together.

Her latest Parent Trap reboot seems to be working but it’s bound to blow up in her face.

What we want: Viewers would rather at least a few characters, and even from time to time, are a little more self-aware.

Is it weird that Steffy and Thomas are so into their parents’ relationship?

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steffy annoyed with thomas bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Thomas Forrester: Everyone’s Favorite Creeper

Take the family habit of incest-adjacent romance and add a dash of straight up psycho and you’ve got Forrester heir apparent Thomas. He’s romantic! Now he’s obsessive! He’s a good dad! Now he’s making his son see ghosts! After spending weeks romancing a mannequin that looked like Hope, his new obsession is the love life of his parents, Ridge and Taylor.

Thomas was raised by Brooke but he’s spent most of his adult years involved in schemes to bring down his stepmother and reunite his parents.

Falling off a cliff to near death should have been his wake-up call, but Thomas has mommy and daddy issues running deep.

What we want: Viewers are dragging this character who obviously needs introspection. 

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B&B Opinion: From a Parent Trap Reboot & Questionable Boundaries, Devoted Fans are Not Having it

B&B spoilers to April 1

Is Thomas a total creep or just misunderstood?

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Hope Logan Spencer Forrester Spencer: Not So Sharpe

Being born of your mom getting knocked up by her son-in-law might give you pause before judging others, but not our Hope. Don’t let the prairie dresses and granny boots fool you—she will read you for filth if you dare step outside the boundaries of what she considers good and proper.

Just as her arch rival Steffy, Hope will throw down when someone comes for her mother. And like almost every Forrester, Logan and Spencer, Hope prefers to keep her romantic relationships in the family.

Why look further than the family tree when there’s so much good fruit to pick?

After bouncing between the brothers Spencer, Hope has chosen Liam as her one true love. But give it time. Anyone else see that chemistry between Brooke and Liam?

What we want: We’re pretty sure no viewers want this. Still, we admit we did squirm a little, knowing that the show likes to repeat past mistakes.

Is Liam the one true love for Hope, or is it someone else?

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hope frowns steffy thinks she's awful B&B spoilers recap

Sheila Carter: Nursing Old Plotlines

Sheila’s got a rap sheet longer than the flight from Genoa City to Los Angeles, yet here she is lurking around town and accidentally blabbing that she switched Brooke’s champagne. Amateur move! Sheila’s latest visit was supposed to be about bonding with insta-son Finn, but she seems to have dropped him in favor of screwing with Brooke’s life and making friends with Taylor.

That’s right, the woman Sheila once shot and “killed.”

What’s a little gunplay between friends? This once murderous psychopath seems to have been downgraded to meddling nuisance. Has Sheila mellowed with experience or has she just lost her touch?

What we want: Drama. That’s all we’re asking for. Drama. And this, this is not it.

Has Sheila Carter lost her touch?

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Sheila admits truth bold and beautiful cbs soapspoilers

What do you think? Are Bridge done for good? Does Steffy need to find a hobby? Will Sheila do something worthy of her reputation? And what’s that big twist we keep hearing about? Leave a comment below, then follow me on Twitter @mattFarris.