General Hospital Spoilers Sept 27-Oct 1; Valentin Takes Advantage & Trina Gets Cam’s Help To Expose Spencer

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, September 27 to Friday, October 1.

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Monday, September 27

Josslyn has incredible news to share with Brook Lynn.
Obrecht loses her advantage.
With new information in hand, Anna and Valentin take the next step in their investigation.
Chase gives Finn some brotherly advice.
Terry offers Liz her support.

Tuesday, September 28

Maxie encourages everyone to lead with compassion.
Valentin takes advantage of a moment of liquid courage.
Obrecht forms an unexpected alliance.
Michael and Willow are closer than ever, delighting in parenting together.
Drew grows impatient with his circumstances.

Wednesday, September 29

Trina gets Cameron to help her set her plan to expose Spencer in motion.
Josslyn is mystified by what she sees at GH.
Nikolas realizes there’s only one way for Ava to be safe.
Epiphany takes care of an old friend.
Esme makes a bold move.

Thursday, September 30

Monica worries what will happen now.
Jax accepts his part of the blame.
Alexis encourages Shawn to update her on Hayden’s case.
Ava surprises Kevin. Esme and Josslyn have a run-in.

Friday, October 1

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Nikolas is backed into a corner.
Ava gets the last word.
Maxie is apologetic.
Brook Lynn asks Ned about the tension between him and Olivia.
Scott tells Austin that his challenge of Edward’s will is moving to the next step.

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