General Hospital Spoilers September 20-24; Anna Receives a Chilling Call & Nina Confides in Maxie

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, September 20 to Friday, September 24.

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Monday, September 20

Nina tries to make sense of her actions.
Chase drops off a gift for Monica.
Olivia is angry to learn that Ned has not been entirely honest with her.
Brando only wants what’s best for his mom.
Maxie and Spinelli share a moment at the reception.

Tuesday, September 21

Valentin races to help Anna.
Liz and Finn try to make sense of everything that has happened between them.
Chase and Brook Lynn grow closer.
Britt appreciates Austin’s concern for Maxie. Willow and Michael discuss their future.

Wednesday, September 22

Nina and Phyllis hash out their issues.
Chase reconciles with Willow and Michael.
Cameron plays peacemaker between Josslyn and Spencer.
Trina’s suspicions of Esme are confirmed.
Ava enlists Kristina’s help with Charlie’s Pub while she is out of town.

Thursday, September 23

Britt heads to the boxing gym to blow off steam.
Trina asks Cameron for help in exposing Esme.
Nina confides in Maxie.
Nikolas tries to make things right with Spencer.
Anna receives a chilling phone call.

Friday, September 24

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Nikolas feels hopeful. Spencer has a change of heart. Esme tries to get closer to Josslyn. Maxie prepares for the worst. Britt receives alarming news.