General Hospital Spoilers September 26 – 30: Someone is Attacked, and Ava Goes Home Without Nikolas

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, September 26 to Friday, September 30, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Portia has reason to be uneasy, Finn is desperate to save a life, Brook Lynn and Chase prepare for a performance, and Liz opens up to Gregory.

The grief is still heavy in Port Charles now that Sasha and Brando’s family are dealing with the fallout from his death, and another attack has everyone closer to the edge. Check out the spoiler video for more.

Monday, September 26

Monday’s GH recap: Diane needs surgery

Anna and Valentin get romantic.

Valentin wants to take his time with Anna.

Alexis and Gregory make a gruesome discovery.

Diane was hooked and gets surgery.

Cody confronts Felicia.

Nikolas makes a big sacrifice.

Finn works to save a life. He finds the antidote to the venom to give Diane.

Tuesday, September 27

Tuesday’s GH recap: Dex is questioned in Diane’s attack

Carly gets a surprise visit.

Cam calls out Trina.

Dante has a hunch.

Sonny offers comfort.

Portia is uneasy.

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Wednesday, September 28

Wednesday’s GH recap:  Dex is tortured

Sonny wants answers.

Spinelli opens up to Sam about his feelings for Maxie.

Curtis makes a surprising request.

Trina gets a shock.

Dex is in the hot seat.

Sonny takes Dex somewhere after he takes him out of jail. 

Dex is beaten.

spin and sam talk GH

Thursday, September 29

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Joss tells Sonny Dex is innocent

Sam has questions for Spinelli.

Joss and Dante brainstorm.

Austin meets with Mason.

Maxie urges Cody to keep an open mind.

Mac admits to Cody he thinks that he’s his father.

Maxie thinks Mac should get a DNA test for Cody.

Portia confronts Jordan.

dex begs for life GH

Friday, September 30

Friday’s GH recap: Spencer is attacked in prison

Victor visits Spencer at Pentonville.

Nikolas and Finn argue.

Anna and Valentin recruit a new ally.

Liz confides in Gregory.

Brook Lynn helps Chase prepare for a performance.

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