General Hospital Spoilers September 19 – 23: Diane’s in Peril and Finn’s Phone Holds Clues for Liz

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, September 19 to Friday, September 23, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Carly’s attempt to escape her woes hit another snag, Curtis wants Selina off his back, Liz gets another disturbing clue, and Anna and Valentin get romantic.

In the weekly spoiler video, emotions are pouring over while the person attacking the people of Port Charles is still on the loose.

Monday, September 19

Monday’s GH recap: Brando has a seizure

Curtis reassures Portia.

Kevin hypnotizes Liz.

Liz uncovers more of her memories.

Joss vents to Trina.

Joss confronts a stalker.

Gregory makes an invitation Alexis.

Dex runs interference.

dex sunbathe GH

Tuesday, September 20

Tuesday’s GH recap:  Brando dies

Port Charles mourns the death of one of their own. Brando dies and Johnny Wactor leaves GH.

Carly takes on a new fight.

Carly is shocked her mother’s body must be moved from the cemetery.

Carly fights with Payton.

Sonny reminisces about Mike.

TJ confides in Stella.

Portia consults with Finn on Brando’s untimely death.

Liz thinks her father was in her memory.

liz hypnosis general hospital

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Wednesday, September 21

Wednesday’s GH recap: Sonny has a warning for Victor

Curtis is wary of Selina.

Valentin is afraid and Anna tells him it’s okay to be afraid.

Anna informs Valentin of a setback.

Kristina and Victor get into a debate about how to pronounce scones.

Sonny issues a warning to Victor.

Sonny wants Kristina to temporarily quit her job so her life isn’t in jeopardy with the Hook Killer.

Lucy is critical of Brook Lynn.

Lucy tells BLQ to stop daydreaming on the job and do her work or she’ll be fired.

Jordan gets new information in her investigation.

blq fantasizes about chase GH

Thursday, September 22

Thursday’s GH recap: Snake venom was found in Brando’s tox screen

Victor tries to impress Lucy.

Lucy and Victor sail off together.

Victor wants Lucy to be a big part of his life.

Liz makes a request of Kevin.

Anna and Valentin have reason to worry.

Anna and Valentin hop aboard the boat.

Maxie makes a grim realization.

Carly gets bad news.

payton mock carly GH

Friday, September 23

Friday’s GH recap: The Hook Killer goes after Diane

Liz finds a shocking clue to her past.

Valentin improvises.

Lucy presses Victor for answers.

Nikolas seeks Alexis’s advice.

Sonny offers comfort.

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