General Hospital Spoilers September 12 – 16: Dante’s Suspicious of Dex, and Selina’s Fine With Britt Being Brad’s BFF

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, September 12 to Friday, September 16, 2022.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week? Sonny has a revelation, Carly’s plans hit a problem, Joss complains to Trina, and Willow loses it.

In the weekly spoiler video, Ava confront Nikolas about the attempt on her life, Carly’s flight goes down, TJ wonders what Curtis knows, and Jordan worries to Sonny that this is just the beginning.

Monday, September 12

Monday’s GH recap: Stella confesses Jordan and Curtis are married

Stella delivers shocking news.

Stella didn’t send in the divorce papers.  

Ned has reservations about Brook Lynn’s relationship with Chase.

Sonny shares his suspicions about Nikolas to Ava.

Finn thanks Gregory for his support.

gregory finn talk liz GH

Cody makes a proposition to Selina. He wants to play in her game. 

Ms Wu gives Cody a proposition. He agrees to do what she wants, be his ringer in the poker game.

Cody isn’t leaving Port Charles and Dante’s happy about it.

Curtis walks in on Jordan and Stella and tells them there’s no record of their divorce.

selina cody offer GH

Tuesday, September 13

Wednesday’s GH recap: Carly’s plane hits turbulence and Brando’s hooked

Drew and Marshall clear the air.

Portia visits Ava.

Nikolas makes a mysterious call.

Sasha makes a big decision.

Someone is in grave danger.

drew curtis coffee general hospital abc

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Wednesday, September 14

Wednesday’s GH recap: Brando’s rushed into surgery

Carly’s travel plans hit a snag.

Carly has to stay in Florida.

Carly meets a nice woman who tells her to chill and think of something lovely while stuck in Jacksonville.

Drew and Sam discuss their relationships.

Scout is told that her parents are family and still good friends.

Sonny makes a revelation. Nikolas didn’t stab Ava.

Ava and Nikolas get close.

Jordan and Dante are summoned to a crime scene.

Nikolas pleads his case.

brando hooked GH

Thursday, September 15

Thursday’s General Hospital recap: Brando’s surgery hits complications

Trina talks to Rory about Spencer.

Michael reminds Dex that he’s the boss.

Carly encounters an unfriendly face. Payton Honeycutt (Linda Purl).

Payton gossips and calls Carly names.

Willow loses her temper.

TJ offers an update on a patient. There are complications with him.

dex talks to michael about sonny angry court marshall GH

Friday, September 16

Friday’s GH recap: Brando wakes up

Britt confides in Brad.

Selina is fine with Britt hanging with Brad.

Gladys visits Brando.

Curtis voices his suspicions.

Portia still thinks Jordan wants Curtis back.

Cody and Leo bond.

BLQ bonds with Cody.

Sonny disagrees with Jordan.

Dante is mistrustful of Dex.

Kristina trusts Dex.

gladys visits brando hospital general hospital

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