General Hospital Spoilers Oct 4-8; Peter Gives Victor an Ultimatum — & Spencer Shocks Nikolas, While Robert Returns

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, October 4 to Friday, October 8.

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Monday, October 4

Dante and Sam’s plan starts to work a little too well.
Spencer shocks and disappoints Nikolas.
Esme celebrates at The Savoy.
Trina shows compassion.
Carly tells Sonny her beliefs about Nina’s motives.

Tuesday, October 5

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Valentin finds himself in an unexpected situation.
Sam is comforted by Dante.
Anna is surprised by what she finds at Chloe’s bedside.
Peter gives Victor an ultimatum.
Curtis and Portia reconnect.
Tristan Rogers returns as Robert Scorpio.

Wednesday, October 6

Brook Lynn apologizes to Austin.
Maxie has a realization about one of her friendships.
Sam and Dante grow closer.
Anna seeks out Valentin.
Victor makes a startling revelation.

Thursday, October 7

Sonny and Carly welcome an unexpected guest.
Britt gives sound advice.
Esme seeks out help from Cameron.
Josslyn doubles down on her suspicions.
Portia and Trina have a heart-to-heart.

Friday, October 8

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Spencer is apologetic.
Nina faces the costs to her relationships of what she’s done.
Josslyn and Cameron don’t see eye to eye.
Alexis admonishes Nikolas.
Shawn talks to Jax about Hayden’s investigation.

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