General Hospital Spoilers Nov 8-12; Maxie and Brook Lynn Conspire, and Sonny counsels Spencer

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, November 8 to Friday, November 12.

Monday, November 12

Sonny takes a meeting with Ms. Wu (Lydia Look), but there’s more to it than he realized.
Diane checks in with Carly.
Britt worries about Obrecht.
Esme and Cam discuss their possibilities for a weekend away.
Sam receives reassuring news.

Tuesday, November 13

Peter makes a powerful demonstration.
Sonny discusses a family matter.
Willow is surprised by an unexpected encounter.
Maxie and Brook Lynn conspire on the next stages of their plan.
Austin begins to wonder about Gladys.

Wednesday, November 14

A surprise awaits Elizabeth at home.
Josslyn expects a different reaction to her news from Trina.
Sonny makes Phyllis an offer.
Maxie asks Sam about her relationship with Dante.
Curtis has to pivot when things change abruptly at The Savoy.

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Thursday, November 15

Nina wonders if her days going to Charlie’s are numbered.
Austin brings Valentin information.
Elizabeth confides in Portia about her relationship with Finn.
Scott seeks out Ava at the gallery.
Josslyn and Cameron finally have an evening alone

Friday, November 16

Maxie questions Chase’s motivation.
Robert puts Olivia on the spot.
Sonny counsels Spencer on the long road to redemption.
Esme confronts Trina at the gallery.
Curtis gets an unexpected visitor at The Savoy.

November Sweeps!

Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’ Connor sat down with Soap Opera Digest in an interview and called November a month of romance, fast-paced action, and a twist that nobody will see coming.

Laura plots to return to Port Charles and put things to rights with her family. She can’t do that with Cyrus wanting to put her six feet under.

It’s Nina versus the Corinthos clan. Carly and Michael want to go for Nina’s throat and Michael gives in, which kindles his tension with Willow. Sonny means to move on with Carly, which means he has to keep his feelings for Nina in check. We’ll see if he can do both. The Corinthos organization suffers a setback when Sony can least afford it and a new threat rears its head.

Britt needs help and Jason means to provide it but there’s a cost. Meanwhile, Dante and Sam face their future in the wake of the events on Crete.

Anna keeps vigil over Valentin who struggles to accept the truth about his father.

Victor is the guest of the WSB, thanks to Peter’s betrayal. He’s not to be counted out. Victor’s return has implications on Nik and Ava’s bliss. Still, Robert will stop at nothing to bring Peter to a stop.

Drew’s fight for his life leads to an epic class with an unlikely adversary, while Scott wheels and deals on Obrecht’s half. The results could be tragic. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is shaken by a blast from the past and Finn offers to lend an ear and shoulder. We’ll see if she’s ready to take him up on that.

Austin vows to get even with Brook Lynn. With Peter on the run, Maxie and Brooke Lynn get closer to safely reuniting the baby with Maxie, but Gladys might pose an issue.

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