General Hospital Spoilers March 22-26, Olivia’s Hospitalized

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new General Hospital spoilers! The week of March 22-26.

Last week refresher! Nina decided to leave Port Charles to get perspective, Jason was arrested for Franco’s murder, Peter pulled a gun on Cyrus, and Michael learned that Brook Lynn was pregnant. Meanwhile, Peter refused to believe that he and Maxie are over, and Cam visited his father’s grave. Ned was shocked to find Brook Lynn was pregnant, and Olivia gave Brook Lynn advice.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 22-26

Monday, March 22

Nina hopes to speak with Phyllis.
Carly defends her actions.
Valentin blames Jax.
Olivia rushes to the hospital.
Ned is skeptical.

Tuesday, March 23

Carly urges Jax to go after Nina.
Ava offers to help.
Laura is surprised by Cameron’s determination.
Trina apologizes to Curtis.
Finn stops by to see Liz.

Wednesday, March 24

Carly is her own worst enemy.
Nina has a change of heart.
Brook Lynn and Lucas rally around Maxie.
Anna mourns her personal losses.
Portia and Curtis bond over their life experiences.

Thursday, March 25

Nina has a decision to make.
Michael and Sasha attempt to bridge their distance.
Carly calls Diane.
Jason and Taggert reunite.
Anna helps get to the bottom of what happened to Dante.

Friday, March 26

TJ asks Curtis about Jordan.
Finn reaches out to Anna.
Obrecht is skeptical.
Carly brings Jason up to speed on her meeting with Cyrus.
Laura’s faith in Martin is shaken.

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